Enjoying the Greatest Bedtime Luxury: New Sheets

On average, people buy a new mattress every 8-10 years or so. That’s a long time to wait. But how often do you get new sheets for your bed? It’s actually quite surprising just how luxurious it feels to slip into a bed with new high-quality sheets. Heck, truth be told, people don’t even wash their bedsheets very often: science suggests that you should wash them weekly, but on average, people change them about once a month.

All of which is why when California Design Den reached out to me about trying a set of their luxury cotton sheets, I was interested. I change my sheets relatively often (I won’t share exactly figures!) but new high-thread-count sheets are a treat and make going to bed just a bit nicer. Better yet, different colors can give your bed a very different personality and it was only a few months ago I replaced my Hawaiian themed palm fronds duvet with a more southwestern design leaning towards more earth tones.

So what did I pick from their lineup? A 400-count 100% pure cotton “sateen” king sheet set in a rich Red Wine color. Dark red? Oh yeah.

Here’s how it looks on my bed:

california design den sheets - red wine - on bed

The southwestern pattern is the lower pillow (the set comes with a fitted sheet, a top sheet and two pillow cases, but I have four pillows). And yes, it’s all wrinkled, but I have no success trying to get sheets on my bed without them being wrinkled even straight out of the drier. Oh well, apparently I don’t have a future as a sheet product photographer! Still, look at that glorious color, and oh, so soft and comfortable.

Here’s what’s most impressive: California Design Den offers 600 and 700 thread count sheets too, all 100% cotton and all sustainably grown and produced. Higher thread count is more expensive, but it makes the material “denser” and more silky, which is pretty darn nice when it comes to bed sheets. In fact, the company sent me some photos from their factory in Bhiwandi, India, including this one:

man sewing sheets, india

I envision this very man seriously sewing all the seams and edges of my own sheets, perhaps wearing a matching red shirt.

Here’s a bit more about California Design Den too: they produce 100% long staple pure cotton with a sateen weave, imported from their ethically certified LEED v4 Gold factory in India. It’s the first LEED v4 Gold facility in the entire country. All sheet sets are available for Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King sizes. And they’re reasonably priced: The 400 TC sheet set I received would have cost me $48.99 in total on Amazon. Not a bad price for a completely new and luxurious sleeping experience, I say. And having more than one set of sheets means that you also don’t have to do the wash immediately when it’s time (weekly, remember!) to clean your sheets.

Oh, and I was really curious about “long staple cotton” so I looked it up. No less an expert than Martha Stewart explains: “The most common fiber for bedsheets is cotton, and there are three main varieties: American Upland, Pima, and Egyptian. American Upland is the most widely used cotton and can be short- to long-staple (“staple” refers to the length of the individual fibers). If a label only reads “100 percent cotton,” it is likely to be American Upland. Pima is a fine, long-staple cotton that yields a very soft weave. The word “Supima” often appears on the labels of Pima sheets as a trademark of the Supima Association, which promotes Pima cotton.”

So now you know. Turns out that it’s related to length of individual fibers. Whatever the deal, I don’t analyze my sheets with a microscope so I’m not sure I could tell the difference anyway. But all this typing’s made me a bit tired, actually. Zzzz…

Disclosure: California Design Den sent me a set of sheets in return for this writeup. Thanks to them, I’m sleeping better!

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