Taste Test: Moore’s Marinades Wing Sauces!

One of the best things about being a lifestyle blogger (or parent blogger who also covers lifestyle topics, however you want to spin it) is that we get lots of opportunities to eat and drink stuff. From beverages to treats, dinner out with the gang to try a new menu or venue, to condiments and ingredients sent to our house to see if we like ’em, it’s all pretty darn sweet. Or, in this instance, pretty darn hot!

This time it’s Moore’s Marinades that asked if we wanted to try out a few of their wing sauces. Since everyone in the family loves spicy food and my son and I both greatly enjoy spicy sauces and dips, we were in like Flynn for this opportunity. Then The Box showed up, a sampler of just about every single product that Moore’s Marinades makes. Pretty sure we could hear the heavenly choir sing as we started pulling habañero and jalapeño sauces out. Here are all the marinades and hot sauces they included:

moore's marinades and hot sauces

These are the ones we haven’t yet cracked open, and fortunately they’re all marked ‘refrigerate after opening’ so we’re good to have them on the pantry shelf until BBQ season rolls back around in the late spring. Then we’ll be enjoying marinades with meat, fish, and veggies, no question about it.

What my son and I were most enthused about, however, were the wing sauces that were included in the box. Here they are, and close examination of levels will reveal which immediately jumped out as popular in the house from that first moment they were unveiled!

moore's marinades wing sauce dip

For our taste test we cooked up some boneless chicken wings (which are basically just breaded chicken nuggets as far as I can tell) and added the traditional sides of carrots and celery, then pulled out the three most popular in the house: Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce, Original Buffalo Wing Sauce andBlue Cheese Buffalo Wing Sauce.

Here’s how it looked before eager fingers descended:

moores marinades wing sauce sample tasting

Anyone who likes chicken wings should be salivating about now and that’s entirely appropriate because I can report without any bias that these wing sauces are crazy delicious. Special shout-out to the Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce, which we ascertained is also an excellent pizza crust dip too.

As a second experiment, I fried some tofu in the teriyaki marinade to excellent results too. Tossed onto stir fry veggies and rice it was a splendid meal and a very different type of cuisine from the snacky ready-for-the-Super-Bowl chicken wings. No photos because, well, we ate it too fast for me to get a good shot. Mea culpa. But it was delicious!

I’m impressed with the Moore’s Marinades line. I hadn’t heard of them before but now this is a product we’ll seek out at the local supermarket, and my son is quite eager to grab a sampling of hot sauces to take back to the dorms. Dorm food is good at his college, but there’s very little that can’t be improved with a dollop of a good hot sauce!

Check out the entire line and read through their extensive recipe library all at Moore’s Marinades.com

Disclosure: Moore’s Marinades sent us the big box of everything in return for this writeup. And it’s glorious.

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