So I Got New Computer Glasses from Pixel Eyewear…

Pixel Eyewear logoI can’t deny it, I spend a lot of darn time staring at computer screens. Not only that, but it’s quite often my MacBook Pro screen set to full brightness to ensure I’m seeing correct colors when editing photographs or video footage. Accurate it may be, but I’m seeing colors and frequencies that don’t appear in nature and it’s no surprise that I get eye fatigue after a few hours or sometimes faster.

Sure, I have Night Shift enabled (you don’t? Yikes. Turn On Night Shift on your Mac or Blue Light for your Windows PC right now!) but I worry it’s not enough, particularly since I don’t have it running during the day. I think about the emitted blue frequency light in terms of production of cortisol and sleep patterns, but in generally it’s just not really that good for eye health at any time of the day.

Enter Pixel Eyewear and its stylish computer glasses, designed to filter out blue light and cut down on glare  too. They sport virtually clear glass and coatings that make the view crystal clear, bright and vivid, all the while surreptitiously filtering out that pesky blue light. Benefits include less eye strain, eye fatigue, fewer migraines and less problems with dry eyes.

pixel eyewear case packaging
Pixel Eyewear’s Excellent Packaging

When the Pixel team asked me if I wanted a pair, I jumped at the chance. I sent along my prescription and dug through the online catalog of styles (with, I admit, a little help from my far more fashion aware daughter) and choose the Buteo Rx in black. A fortnight or so later, they showed up in the mail in what’s unquestionably the nicest packaging of any glasses I’ve ever received.

More importantly, putting them on was a really cool experience, because I have the same prescription for reading glasses and those distort distance just enough that I only wear them when actually reading something. The Pixel glasses, however, are designed for screens a bit further away (including a TV screen) and were just about neutral at distance, but wonderfully crisp when looking at screens.

pixel eyewear and blue imagery
Pixel Eyewear Doesn’t Just Make “Blue” Disappear

In a word, they’re terrific. The construction is top notch, they’re strong, the glass is a bit thicker, but as I said, it’s “high def” and not only has UV protection but cuts down on glare too. Really, they’re a no-brainer, particularly if you’ve tried the off-the-shelf cheap plastic “computer glasses” from somewhere like Fry’s Electronics or Best Buy.

In terms of the price tag, they’re a bit more expensive too, particularly if you need prescription lenses. The Buteo Rx are $125, inclusive. But then again, how much would you pay for less eye strain, less glare and even one fewer headache or migraine every month? Yeah, suddenly that $125 seems incredibly inexpensive. I get it.

pixel eyewear dave taylor computer glasses
Sporting my Swanky New Pixel Eyewear Buteo Computer Glasses

Overall, I’m really happy with my Pixel glasses, as you can see in my Pixel Selfie. They definitely feel like they’re going to last for years and while they have blue light filtering lenses, it’s really invisible to your vision in a way that’s a bit hard to explain. I look at the sky, I watch TV, it’s a full spectrum of colors just as my brain expects (as you can see in the blue mountains image above), but the glasses are on the job, filtering out those bad blue light wavelengths and protecting my vision and eye health.

Check them out at Pixel today. Your eyesight’s worth it.

Disclosure: Pixel Eyewear gave me a free pair of prescription glasses in return for this writeup. Thanks, Pixel!

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    • No, it wasn’t. But they did give me the glasses, which I reveal and disclose in the piece. What’s your point, Gene?

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