Celebrating Marvel’s 80th Anniversary with LEGO and Amazon!

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I loved comic books as a kid. What child doesn’t dream of being a hero and having friends who are heroes too? Few companies have realized the concept of contemporary hero better than MARVEL, and whether you’re a fan of their original material or some of the cool new characters that populate the MARVEL Universe, it’s all good fun.

The company history is colorful too, starting with its origin as Timely Comics back in 1938. In fact, the first Timely Comic was published in 1938 and was called “MARVEL Comics #1” and it featured the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner. It was a bit more than a year later (early 1941) that Timely introduced Captain America, making him one of the oldest of the Avengers! Timely became Atlas Magazines, then in the early 1960’s finally changed name again, this time to MARVEL Comics.

Hard to imagine now, but MARVEL kind of sputtered along until 1998, when it started to really put out the great stories and characters we know today. No discussion of MARVEL would be complete without the dynamic duo of writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, first commissioned in 1961 by the company to create The Fantastic Four (one of whom is, as you undoubtedly know, the Human Torch).

So many stories, so many comic books, so many heroes of all stripes, genders and races!

Which brings us to the 80th anniversary. Quite an accomplishment, and as a demonstration of their storytelling abilities, it’s Captain America who remains one of my very favorite characters too. Even though he’s pretty dang old at this point, right?

What better way to celebrate MARVEL’s 80th than to spend an afternoon building a great MARVEL LEGO set? I got the kit directly from Amazon by going to www.amazon.com/marvel, but you can also get there by clicking the image above. I opted for the fantastic 674 piece LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Thanos: Ultimate Battle (kit 76107). All of these LEGO kits are ridiculously easy to order on Amazon too. Heck, even Thanos could do it, if he wasn’t so obsessed with that darn gauntlet. It took barely 24 hours for the kit to show up and I have to say, I love solving puzzles, but these require a serious commitment! Particularly the bigger kits require some focused attention to build and hours of time to go through the directions. Here’s how the Avengers: Infinity War Thanos: Ultimate Battle Kit came together…


If you’ve never build a complex LEGO kit, you might be surprised to find that it’s designed to be assembled in phases, and each phase has its own numbered bag of parts. To start out, pull everything out of the box and spread it out so you can assess the challenge. For this particular kit there were six phases of construction that actually had about nine bags involved. On the bright side, the first phase includes some really fun minifigs, so those were the first step, of course:

lego captain america civil war avengers lego kit - on table

Notice the pile of LEGO bags behind the characters. The kit also comes with a sheet of stickers: The instructions detail which one is placed on which part as you proceed. The instruction book actually makes a lot of sense and is easy to work through once you get the hang of it. Here’s a typical step:

lego marvel kit - assembly instructions
In total, there are a rather astonishing 209 steps required to build the ship that’s the heart of this LEGO MARVEL kit. Look closely, it’s the Benetar, the spaceship from Guardians of the Galaxy . Took me about four hours, but I tend to go slowly to ensure I don’t make any mistakes. My suggestion to you: Take your time. Identify and pull out every single part specified in the top left box, then slowly and methodically assemble as shown on that particular step.

Here’s I am with phase three almost completed. Look closely and you’ll see that’s quite a few parts all neatly snapped together:

lego marvel captain america kit - parts ready to build assemble
Look closely, you’ll see that this particular kit has quite a variety of colors and the exact same part in these different colors. Generally not a huge problem but the light and dark grey can be a bit confusing in the instructions and I definitely mistook a grey circular cap for a transparent blue one a few times. Since the entire kit was almost perfectly symmetrical, if you make a mistake on one side of the kit, you can identify and correct it as you go through the second side.

A bit further down the road, that’s become the heart of a spaceship:

black widow, falcon, from captain america marvel lego minifigs
Finish up phase five of the six phases and you’ll be surprised that you’ve built out one of the wings – which take at least 100 parts! – and have a rather lopsided spaceship. Thanos doesn’t approve of it yet either, as you can see. Notice the specialized parts involved too, including the transparent front canopy and the radar dish below the wing:

black widow motorcycle lego
LEGO played a fun trick on me too because it wasn’t until I got to phase six of the construction that I realized Iron Man is included in the kit! Who doesn’t like Tony Stark’s robotic alter ego? Not only that, but it’s quick to assemble and with all the different color custom pieces, the end result is pretty fantastic:

lego marvel captain america civil war crossbones jeep truck lego
Even more fun is that you can actually flip up Iron Man’s mask and see a frowning Tony Stark inside – Tony is Iron Man! – which is good fun. So you’d think that we had a pretty good balance of good guys and bad guys, right? Thanos on one side and Iron Man, Gamora and Star Lord. Finally, maybe an hour or so later, I had everything assembled and ya know what? A good feeling of accomplishment and a really cool kit to show off to my friends:

lego marvel captain america civil war - crossbones hazard heist
Eighty years ago, it’s a sure bet that Timely Comics founder Martin Goodman could never have imagined that his company would inspire so much enthusiasm and these really cool LEGO sets! LEGO, by the way, was around back then; the company was founded in the 1930s, just in case you’re wondering about that.

Above is the Benetar from the 674 piece LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Thanos: Ultimate Battle. It includes a little battle cycle and, of course, Gamora, Star Lord, and Iron Man, along with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet :

lego marvel avengers infinity war under construction © 2019 marvel
I invite you to celebrate 80 years of MARVEL with your own LEGO kit. Just hop over to amazon.com/marvel to see the extensive selection. They’re sure to have your favorite characters too.

DISCLAIMER: This post is a paid promotion for Disney. All opinions are mine alone, including which is the best of all the many MARVEL characters! All photographs are also © 2019 MARVEL. #CelebrateMarvel