Make Your Own Pizza Bagels with Einstein’s Bagels Take & Make Kit

My kids share my enthusiasm for bagels and pizza, so when you can marry the two, well, it’s a match made in food heaven. So when Einstein’s Bagels reached out and asked me if we’d want to try their “Take & Make Pizza Bagel Kit” it was a complete no-brainer. Of course we would love the chance to make our own pizza bagels with a handy kit from our local Einstein’s Bagel Shop. Through their mobile app we quickly ordered the kit along with, well, a few other things. Paid, ASAP pickup and by the time we got to the local shop, it was ready to go. Pull up, they bring it out to your car, and seconds later we’re outta there and heading home.

The kit is supposed to include a half-dozen plain bagels, but they were out so we substituted asiago bagels, a smart move as it gave them a bit more crunch and a bit more cheese both. The pizza bagel kit includes six bagels, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Ya know what bagels look like so here’s everything else in the kit:

einsteins pizza bagel kit

The directions are easy enough that even a parent can make them: Start by splitting open the bagels, then put sauce on both sides…

pizza bagels - sauce on bagels

Add cheese:

einsteins pizza bagel kit - bagels with cheese

And, finally, add pepperoni to the ones you want, leaving some others as cheese only (whatever your preference):

einsteins pizza bagel kit - ready to bake

While you’ve been doing this, you should also have pre-heated the oven to 350F. Ready to go? Great. Carefully put the bagels into the oven and you’ll want to give them about 20 minutes to cook.

It’ll start to smell mighty good, and finally you can pull them out and here’s what you’ve created:

einsteins pizza bagel kit - cooked, ready to eat

Yes, they really do taste as good as they look (and smell). In fact, they didn’t last very long at all in my house. Next time we’ll put one or two aside and make them with vegan cheese too, but this time my oldest daughter was left out of the food frenzy. So it goes.

Fortunately we had things covered because we also bought the “Take & Make Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit from Einstein’s Bagels too, and those make an impressive quantity of big, delicious cookies:

einsteins chocolate chip cookie bake at home kit -

Admit it, I know you’re salivating right now. Close your eyes and just… imagine… the smell of freshly baked cookies…. MMmmmm…

Each of these kits cost $9.99 at your local Einstein Bros. Bagels, which is a pretty darn good deal: We got six open face pizza bagels out of the kit and could have made one or two more. With a half-dozen bagels, that means we got two extra bagels (you could make more, but we like our pizza bagels generous with toppings!) and it works out to a remarkably thrifty $1.66 per bagel.

The jumbo chocolate chip cookie kit is also $9.99 and it makes at least a dozen big, thick bakery style cookies. If you like big cookies (like above) you’ll be paying about $0.83/cookie and if you make smaller ones, sheesh, it’s a real bargain!

But enough about sharing this with you. Now it’s time to go have some lunch and a taste post-lunch dessert both!

Disclosure: Einstein’s Bagels sent me a gift card for the purpose of trying out its pizza bagel kit. What a good deal, right? Thanks!

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