Game Review: Cute Battle Royale Card Game “Battle Pufs”

BattlePufs - box artIt’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and plenty of games have picked up the theme with one v. one combat. Co-op? That’s for softies! If you’re really tough, if you’re gaming with equally tough folk, you want to battle for dominance. Sure, most of your characters might die in the process, but hey, that’s why they invented the concept of collateral damage, right? As long as you come out on top when the dust settles, you’re a natural winner in any battle royale situation.

Okay, so the game Battle Pufs isn’t quite as bloodthirsty, but it is a last-Puf-standing theme. Oh, and the cute little critters that are the heart of the game have a bad habit when they get stressed: They tend to burst into flames.

Battle Pufs is a highly competitive, whimsical fighting game designed by Tanner Petersen for 2-5 players. Each player starts with three Pufs and a handful of Battle Cards. Then it’s a rager, with Puf versus Puf until…

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