Film Review: Daft, Entertaining Sci-Fi Thriller “Moonfall”

Moonfall movie poster one sheetSome movies have the ability to pull you right into the story, offering a cinema vérité slice of life so realistic that you never stop to think about the mechanics of the film. They aren’t actors going through a script, with microphones hanging overhead, cameras in their faces, and the requirement to shoot and reshoot until the director is satisfied, it’s just… life.

Other films exist in a different world and demand suspension of disbelief. Daniel Radcliff can’t actually cast a magic spell, Gal Gadot can’t jump out of an airplane, Cthulhu isn’t crawling out of the deep and Venusians aren’t zipping through space, aiming to invade Earth.

We cinephiles endlessly suspend our disbelief and are better because of it, able to enjoy crazy and incredibly improbable stories simply because…

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