A Fun, Zippy Drive with the Sleek 2022 Honda Civic 4D Touring

Honda sells a lot of Civics, around 300,000 annual in the United States alone. Get into one and it’s immediately obvious why they’re so popular; it’s a solid combination of sleek design, very good fuel efficiency, a zippy drive, and an entirely reasonable price tag, making it a splendid first new vehicle for many young families. What most startled me about the 2022 Civic 1.5T 4D Touring car that Honda Motor Co. loaned me for the week is the Monroney, actually: The price sticker had exactly one upcharge, $395 for a premium color (Morning Mist). Everything else was standard with this trim level, a refreshing change from vehicles that start at a reasonable price but offer too darn much sticker shock when the final price ends up being double the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Nicely done, Honda.

The Civic Touring immediately reminded me of my parent’s old sedan (they had a Nissan Sentra) with its compact size, aerodynamic design, and classic, ground-hugging stance. Here’s what I drove:

2022 honda civic 1.5t 4d touring - exterior front

This model included 18-inch alloy wheels and a surprisingly responsive 180hp 1.5-liter direct-injection turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a continuously variable transmission. The fact that a 180hp engine can offer this sort of drive experience speaks to the strides that car manufacturers have made in the last decade: No need for a gas-guzzling V8 monster on a vehicle of this weight, and indeed, I clocked about 37 mpg across the few hundred miles I drove it, eminently acceptable and one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles I’ve driven so far in 2022.

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