All the Mod Cons: The 2022 Toyota Tundra 4×4 Ltd Crewcab

toyota logo - lets go places letsgoplacesI’ve been reviewing a lot of pickup trucks lately, which is great because it really lets me see how different manufacturers tackle some pretty basic requirements for a vehicle that ends up possessing both a work and play identity. Pickup trucks have this dual identity more than a typical SUV or sedan, even if “real” commercial trucks are a different category of vehicle (and almost always bare-bones with barely a radio, let alone a fancy nav screen and 16-speaker custom-tuned surround sound). The big players in the truck market in the USA market are Ford and RAM, two solid brands with category-leading smaller and full size trucks. According to Car & Driver, the best-selling trucks in the US for 2021 were the Ford F-Series, the RAM truck line, and the Chevy Silverado. Perhaps surprisingly, Toyota has an entrant on that top ten list too, the uber-popular Toyota Tacoma, categorized as a mid-size truck. The Tundra is the Tacoma’s big brother, with a towing capacity that’s two tons greater, a considerably bigger engine, 5-inches wider, 12-inches longer, and almost double the curb weight.

Did I mention that my 21yo son is also obsessed with the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and is planning on buying one later this summer? With that in mind, when Toyota offered to let me drive the 2022 Toyota Tundra 4×4 Limited Crewcab I naturally said “heck yeah!”. I’m really glad I did, because it’s a great truck, fully tricked out, a pleasure to drive and quite comfortable too. Here’s an exterior photo that highlights the eye-popping Supersonic Red color:

2022 toyota tundra 4x4 ltd crewcab - exterior front

The trim packages on the Tundra are SR, SR5, then “TRD”, the acronym for Toyota Racing Division, though at this point I’m a bit skeptical that the team that works on Toyota racecars is also helping design full-size pickup trucks on the side too. Either way, this is top end Tundra configuration, the TRD Off-Road 4×4 Limited, which means just about every component is upgraded over the base SR model. As soon as you climb into the vehicle…

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