Delicious Tuna with Guaranteed Purity: Safe Catch

safe catch tuna fish in a blue canSince my kids aren’t huge fans of seafood, it’s easy for me to forget just how much I enjoy a good salmon, tuna salad, bbq swordfish steak, or freshly grilled trout. As we’ve become more aware of the cost and consequences of commercial fishing, it’s also become something else to consider before making a purchase decision at the store or choosing something from a restaurant menu. With tuna, one of my long-time favorites, the issue is mercury, and it’s a sad reflection on our modern world that a fish swimming in the deep ocean can nonetheless have impurities that can adversely impact our subsequent eating.

Worse, most tuna companies only spot check their tuna catch, meaning that it’s entirely possible that some tainted tuna slips through and ends up in the cans of one of the big three canned seafood distributors. Not so great, but particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women, who are particularly sensitive to the adverse effects.

Enter Safe Catch Seafood. Based out of beautiful Sausalito, California (just north of San Francisco), the company invented a proprietary technology that allows it to test every single tuna fish for mercury. They say that about 25% of the tuna they test fails their purity standards and is rejected, meaning that what does get into their cans and convenient travel pouches is the good stuff. Pretty cool, really. Even better, all Safe Catch tuna is sustainably caught using pole-and-line or non-FAD (Fish Aggregating Device) fishing methods.

When they reached out and asked me if I wanted to try some, I said “heck yeah!” and they sent me a pouch and can of Safe Catch Elite. As you can see on the 3oz pouch, it’s certified non-GMO, Paleo, Whole30, and more. In fact, Safe Catch is the only company that tests every tuna before prepping it for the pouches or 5oz cans. I popped open the pouch:

safe catch tuna in a pouch

and it looked and smelled terrific. I couldn’t resist, I tried some straight out of the package. Delicious! Interestingly, the company warns customers “do not drain: Vital oils retained”. I followed their guide and put all the tuna in a bowl (including that from the can, which had a bit more oil than the pouch). I added mayo and pickle relish, mixed it all up, and voila! Tuna salad:

safe catch tuna - tuna salad in a bowl

Really good, but a bowl of tuna isn’t very glamorous, so I then made myself a tuna salad sandwich:

safe catch tuna - tuna sandwich with carrots

Doesn’t it look delicious? It was. And, in case you’re wondering why the sandwich is relatively small, that’s because it’s on gluten-free bread. And yes, it was the best sandwich I’ve had in weeks, quick, easy to prepare, and healthy to boot.

Safe Catch Elite is available in both cans and pouches, as I learned, but the company also has a Seasoned Elite line of tuna flavored with Cajun, Chili Lime, Citrus Pepper and Garlic Herb seasonings. The company also has closely tested salmon and sardines in its lineup, and you can find their products at most supermarkets including Kroger, Publix, Vons, Shoprite, Wegman’s, Sprouts Farmer’s Markets, Ahold/Delhaize, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Giant Eagle, HEB, Jewel Osco and Roundy’s.

As for me, I’m heading back to make another sandwich since posting these pictures has made me hungry!

Disclosure: Safe Catch sent me the can and pouch of tuna to taste in return for this article. Thanks!

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