I Was My Own Chauffeur in the 2022 Range Rover L460 Luxury SUV

Most people are familiar with the differentiation between budget, mid-range and luxury vehicles, but it turns out that there’s a tier or two above the standard luxury car in the marketplace. Supercars, for example, can have pricetags that exceed the value of most houses, and really high end ultra-luxury vehicles offer an extraordinary experience for drivers, but particularly for passengers. The fifth generation 2022 Range Rover “L460” is at this rarified level, the top of the line vehicle from Land Rover Jaguar. The Range Rover is also a relatively young brand with its first car introduced in 1970 when it was part of British Leyland.

Unlike most other manufacturers, Range Rover doesn’t have models. It has configurations. The L460 that I drove identifies as the P400, and it’s a delightful drive, an SUV that has all the best features of every other vehicle in its class and even some features that feel like they’re inspired by private jets or similar one-percent transportation. Here’s its curb appearance:

2022 range rover l460 - front exterior

It’s big. The configuration I had included a third row of seats, but it also has a refined and sophisticated front that’s far more stylish than its full size SUV rivals in the market. In fact, the exterior belies the plush and luxurious interior, though a close look at the door handles suggests this isn’t just Sport Ute as usual. In the above photo they’re recessed, flush with the body. Unlock the vehicle and they pop out, Tesla-style:

2022 range rover l460 - door handles

Notice the key hole hidden under the front driver’s door handle above too. “In case of emergency”, but not to worry, odds are good it’s your chauffeur will be figuring out how to get the vehicle unlocked. Indeed, there’s a chauffeur mode and features in the car. Not “valet” for valet parking, that’s so… gauche. But an actual driver…

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