A Grab-bag of Great Men’s Gifts

As a so-called influencer, I get all sorts of interesting things in the mail, products, gear, gadgets and other things that are interesting to open but ultimately end up in the box of unwanted toys. Think Toy Story 3, perhaps. Still, sometimes things show up that surprise me and prove to be far cooler than I realized when I first popped open the box. And so it was with the Babbleboxx that I received in…Read More

Challenge: Ex’s Visitation Causes Current Girlfriend to Bail…

I get letters, often from other divorced men who are either full-time single fathers or part-time dads. All of them have one thing in common: they love their child or children and are trying to do the best they can while also trying to have a life of their own. The latest guy to write to me had this question: My question to you is about parenting first and secondly personal wishes. Two years ago,…Read More

Life as a Single Dad on The Solo Parent Life Podcast

A few weeks ago I had a chance to spend some time talking with psychologist and family therapist Robbin Rockett, who hosts the terrific Solo Parent Life podcast. Our conversation ranged all over the place but also included a history of this blog, Go Fatherhood, including how my divorce was — and wasn’t — reflected here on the site. We also talked at length about how judgmental other parents can be (and how hard that…Read More

Teaching My Daughter How To Vote

I don’t feel like I’m an overly patriotic person, but I do feel quite strongly that it’s the right and responsibility of every American who can vote to do so, whether it’s for the next President, a statewide ballot issues or just a local issues of taxation. Does each vote matter? In some huge ballot initiatives, perhaps not. When something wins by significant percentage points, 70% to 30%, an individual vote might not be a big deal….Read More

No, I don’t want my adult kids living with me…

I was reading an article in the Denver Post about current demographic trends that startled me. The article cites data from the latest US Census American Community Survey that indicates “34.1 percent of all 18- to 34-year-olds in the U.S. lived in their parents’ home in 2015.” Thirty-four percent. Now it’s possible that the 18yo and 19yo gap year students are skewing the data, but it’s still a bit mind-boggling that fully one-third of all young adults are…Read More

Life Doesn’t Have Trigger Warnings…

I’ve been reading about so-called trigger warnings for a year or two now, but have been in denial about their existence on college campuses and throughout academia. Unfortunately, they’re real. Before most professors now talk about anything graphic or potentially upsetting to a student, they warn the students that the topic will include certain “trigger” topics and then let the students have a moment or two to opt out and leave the lecture hall rather than participate…Read More

Email: Exhausted Single Father Needs Help…

There’s a sense in our culture that if someone’s going it alone as a parent without the other partner involved at all, it’s the Mom and the Dad just split or was pushed away. And the reality is that’s true in far too many cases. According to that unimpeachable source Wikipedia, there are 13.6 million single parents in the United States [see also the graph below, from The Atlantic], 80% of them are mothers, and 45% of those…Read More

It’s National Men’s Grooming Day. How’s your hair?

I bet you didn’t know that this Friday, August 19, is National Men’s Grooming Day! I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but if we can have Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Donut Day, then heck, grooming is more important than either of those for us guys, right? Thing of it is, a lot of guys pay almost zero attention to their appearance — as far as I can tell — and leave…Read More

My Oldest is Heading to College in 4 Days and…

It’s a bit hard for me to wrap my head around the concept, but the truth is staring me in the face, the calendar doesn’t lie and my oldest, A-, is heading off for college on Monday, a college that’s almost 1000 miles away from home. It’s been quite a journey for all of us to get here and in many ways she has borne the brunt of my divorce and the subsequent decade of living a…Read More

A Visit to Santa Fe with Type-A Parent

Parenting conferences are definitely unusual and when they’re not oriented around dads (like Dad 2.0) they end up being predominantly women. Mostly, but not all, moms. Still, when my friend Kelby Carr (@KelbyCarr) announced that she was going to split off her successful Type-A Parent conference into east and west, and that the first Type-A West conference was going to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I knew I had to go. I love Santa…Read More

American Crew: Helping Dads Look Cool

Growing up in Southern California, I spent a lot of my formative years on the beach and grew to have an appreciation for longer hair on guys. All these years later, I still eschew a crewcut or super short haircut in favor of wearing my hair longer, but that involves some level of work and commitment so that I don’t look too much like a mad scientist when I leave the house. And I’m not…Read More

Happy Facebook Father’s Day…

Got some interesting data from Facebook about Father’s Day. Check it out: on Father’s Day 2015, nearly 200 million people had 1.2 billion interactions on Facebook around the cultural moment. This year you’ll be able to use custom Father’s Day stickers too. If you’re into Facebook stickers, that is. Facebook Groups can also be a good resource for finding a “virtual village” to provide support and advice in this crazy fatherhood adventure. Facebook recently launched Groups Discover, which…Read More

Everyday Carry Pocket Knives: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve carried a humble little pocket knife for a long time and when my Dad gave me his no-name blade, I then carried that one for many years until I recently lost it. A sad day, actually, but life happens. The good news is that it opened me up to considering what I’d want in a replacement blade and after much research, I identified what I believe are the essential features of what the industry calls…Read More

Does modesty require victimization? Ask Liberté Chan…

We live in a time when there’s no excuse for anything that happens, and where even when the community identified “victim” says the situation was part of a running joke, it becomes a cause célebre and fodder for plenty of angst-filled diatribes about how broken our culture is. You know, business as usual. This weekend, KTLA meteorologist Liberté Chan was reporting on the weather for the morning news, covering the 8-9am shift, and part way through her…Read More

Can men have deep friendships?

The team at Dove Men+Care sent me a note with the findings of research they funded through Edelman Intelligence as part of their NCAA March Madness campaign about men and friendship, among other topics. Since I’m a quant, I wanted to know the research sample and it’s pretty solid, 1,000 US men ages 25-54 years old, of varying age, income, location and other attributes. My question when reading the research findings was whether what they…Read More