Father’s Day Gifts When Dad was a Shadow Recruit

As Father’s Day gets closer, I keep thinking about how I used to suspect my Dad was a spy, a “shadow recruit” and probably worked for MI6 alongside Bond, James Bond and the crew. Heck, he probably had the secret phone number for “M” so he could check in as needed. I mean, think about it: We’re English, he was born in London, he had that sophisticated Brit accent, served in the RAF and looks almost exactly…Read More

Hey Dad, Let’s Share a Glass of Wine…

Father’s Day. Suddenly a wave of “guy gifts” shows up in my inbox, companies hoping that they’ll have the one product that either speaks to my children, making them think “oh yeah, Dad would love this!” or speaks to me, making me think that my own Dad would enjoy that particular product or service. Classic things seem to involve beer, bbq and sports, but that’s not really the relationship I have with my Dad, so…Read More

Coastal Dog swimsuits and chafing

I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for Coastal Dog. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating. I know, it’s a weird headline for this piece, but I just got a terrific new swimsuit from Coastal Dog Apparel and I can’t really talk about the benefit of this particular suit design unless I talk about chafing. Now I may be making some…Read More

The Happy Mother’s Day Post

It’s Mother’s Day and my own Mum is no longer with us, while my children are celebrating with their own mother, so I’m flying solo. No worries, have a busy day, but it is giving me a chance to think about the holiday itself. To start, here’s the email I sent to my ex: We’ve been on quite a journey but I am thankful every day that together we brought three amazing children into this…Read More

Of Solo Parenting Time and the Quadratic Formula

One of the greatest challenges with being a single parent to multiple children is finding the time to have solo, one on one time with each child. As they get older it’s possible that their own schedules enable some solo time by dint of the siblings being at other people’s houses, but it’s tricky with my three because while my youngest loves having friends over for sleepovers, at 10yo she still only sleeps if she’s with me or her…Read More

Mother’s Day Recipes Simple Enough Even Dad Can Prepare?

There are a lot of people who shrug off media portrayals of dads as incompetent, stupid, child-like and generally unable to cope with their tasks as a parent. Heck, there are those that seem to believe it, or believe that it’s generally true, even if their husband or brother is quite a competent father. I understand the pervasive danger of media stereotypes, heck, of cultural stereotypes, so I try not to shrug things off quite…Read More

Brent, we can’t all be enlightened all of the time…

Fellow stay-at-home Dad Brent Brookhouse over at The Good Men Project site shared his upset over a Facebook at-home dad community and how it’s left him with a perception that SAHD’s are chauvinistic pigs and need to aim for a higher level of consciousness. Your best place to start is to go read what he wrote: What led me to abandon my stay-at-home dad community, sloppy and overgeneralized quotes like “a group of fathers who…Read More

Daniel Murphy taps into his paternity leave. So what?

Today’s viral noise is brought to you by two chowderheaded sports commentators out of New York, Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason, who on their WFAN radio program accused Mets baseball player Daniel Murphy of having incorrect priorities when he used the paternity leave option to take a few days off from the team to be present for the birth and first few days of his new baby. When I heard about this story I just…Read More

Gender Specific Children Like Gender Specific Books

I’m frankly baffled by the pronouncement by Katy Guest, literary editor for the UK Independent newspaper, that The Independent on Sunday will no longer promote any books that are “marketed to exclude either sex.” Go, read what she says: We’re Done with Gender Specific Books. She is concerned that boys like “adventure books with thin action-based plots” and that girls like “boring princesses”, and while I concur that there are fewer well written children’s books…Read More

Talking Divorce, Fatherhood and Suicide with Dr. Rich Mahogany

I attended a talk from the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention at the Stay At Home Dads Conference in Denver and was shocked by the suicide stats for fathers. I wrote about it a while back – Men and Suicide –but after trying for months, finally got a chance to interview Dr. Rich Mahogany. Hold on, though: Rich is a fake therapist, the creation of the Man Therapy partners, but with its generous dose of…Read More

The Mother of All Sleepovers

It was supposed to be an easy evening, where my son G- (13) would be at his friend’s house for the night while the girls and their friends would have a sleepover at my place. Two 17yo girls and two 10yo girls. I had two movies teed up, My Fair Lady for everyone, then, when the younger two went upstairs to bed, Rush for the 17yo’s and myself. Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison for everyone…Read More

A Weekend in New Orleans at the Dad 2.0 Summit

I’ve only just gotten back from New Orleans, Louisiana having attended the terrific Dad 2.0 Summit for the third year in a row. I’ve written about the conference before, but I’ll say again, it’s the only conference I’ve ever attended where it nurtures my heart rather than feeding my brain. Which isn’t to say that there’s not a lot to learn, but when I compare it to my other favorite conference, CES 2014, the differences…Read More

Dad Bashing in Monsanto’s America’s Farmers Superbowl Ad

First off, watch the “Begins With a Farmer” Monsanto advertisement that aired during the 2014 Superbowl: Now, let’s talk about this ad because I think it’s awful and also rather confusing both. Awful because there are some inaccuracies and some really frustrating positioning of the male/female roles in a farm, and confusing because there are some puzzles, like why show two different farms in two different states if there are no differentiators between them? The…Read More

Another Trade Show, Another Missed Birthday

I honestly have no idea what we were thinking when my youngest was born the second week of January. Every year I attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and just about every single time her birthday lands during the middle of the show. While I’m in Las Vegas at the most important trade event of the year. This year was no different, of course, and it was during the third day of this…Read More

Dads in Films: “The Croods”

I know, I know, I have a film blog — Dave On Film — where I review movies, but every once in a proverbial blue moon I actually see a film where the father role is interesting or realistic, instead of us dads being perpetually portrayed as buffoons or the extra child in the family dynamic. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate that and how I hate that it’s just accepted in society…Read More