The Challenges of a Modern Day Dad

It’s the week leading up to Father’s Day and really the first full-bore week of summer vacation for my kids both. And since their Mom’s out of town, all three of them are with me this week. Bored, bored, bored. Which is making getting anything accomplished — and I have a lot on my to-do list, as always — difficult. Summer camps? Nope. Trips? Eventually, but not this week. Friends? Most are out of town,…Read More

Military Dads and Dove Mission Care

I lucked out with military service. My Dad was in the Royal Air Force, my sister was in the US Army and then the Army Reserves, my uncles, my grandfathers, my brother-in-law, lots of military service in my extended family, but while I have thought about it a few times, that wasn’t the path I took. I now live in a famously liberal community, Boulder Colorado, and to be candid, somehow people in my area…Read More

First Impressions of the Nike Fuelband: I Really Like It!

Folks who follow me on Facebook — and you can too, if you’d like — know that in addition to losing weight, I’ve also been improving my health by a daily workout at the gym. It’s a rhythm that’s far easier than I ever expected, actually, and I’m glad to see the results slowly come into focus after four rather rigorous months of activity and thoughtful eating. One area of tech that I’ve been watching…Read More

Stanley Cup Playoffs Party: Everything but the Game…

I’ll be candid, I’m not the most avid of National Hockey League fans, and until a few months ago, I’d never even been to a hockey game (read about our Avalanche game adventure) but I really enjoyed the in-person game and recognize the many similarities between hockey and soccer. And, well, the many differences, not the least of which are the never-ending substitutions and the ceaseless breaks in the game for commercials, but that’s what…Read More

Shrinking Dad Project: Week 15 Update

Rather to my surprise, I’m long past the 25 pound mark and heading towards a total loss of 30 pounds in three months. This slightly late update to week 15 marks me weighing in at 241.0 pounds. Remember, I started out the beginning of February at 268.7 pounds. I’ll let you do the math but I knew years ago that losing weight was going to be this straightforward (that’s 9lbs/month) I would never have gotten…Read More

Nutrisystem Week Fourteen: Shrinking Dad Indeed

I started out at 268 pounds at the beginning of February. Today, May 20, I’m at 243 pounds. That’s a loss of 25 pounds. In fourteen weeks. Calculate that out and, on average, I’ve lost 1.8 pounds/week. Booyah! Those of you who are paying attention to my weight journey here on my blog will recall that my goal for my four months on Nutrisystem was to be “around 240 pounds”. Well, with two weeks left…Read More

Family Happiness, The Fortune Cookie Edition

I’m participating in a fun little competition that my pal Pedro Veloso’s company Limetree is running, a competition where you are asked to “Post 140 character about family happiness on your blog”. As Samuel Clemens is reputed to have said, ” I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” That rather applies here: it’s easier for me to natter on for a few hundred words about what family…Read More

Week Thirteen: Weights and Measurements

First off, the good news: I weigh in at just barely under 246 — 245.9 pounds — against last week, when I was at 247. Starting weight of this four month adventure, as I detailed back in February, was 268 so that’s more than 22 pounds I’ve lost. Go to the store and pick up a 22pound turkey. That’s a lotta excess weight! I have found that my whole approach to eating and food has…Read More

Three months and I’m slimming up nicely

Yesterday marked three months on Nutrisystem, three months of really focusing on my food, going to the gym more frequently and even increasing my workouts to attain my goal. When I started, my four month goal was to lose 20 pounds, a goal I attained in less than three. This week I was a bit surprised to find that I lost less than a pound compared to last week’s weight, weighing in at 247.0 pounds,…Read More

Eleven weeks on Nutrisystem and I’ve lost 20 pounds

Had a burst of weight loss in the last week and a bit and am happy to report that I’ve hit that twenty pound mark, in less than three months, thanks to both and my upped workout schedule. I still eat out quite frequently, often multiple meals a day, actually, but I’m far more careful to order something healthy, low-calorie and reasonably portioned on the menu. I’m also noticing that I’m doing a lot…Read More

Ten Weeks, 17.6 Pounds

This week’s update on my Shrinking Dad Project shows that I’m fighting a bit of a plateau in my weight, but have juuuuussstt barely squeezed below the 250lb mark, weighing in this morning at 249.9. I’ll take what I can get, that 1/10th of a pound counts! I figure if I shave my head, that’ll probably drop another pound, at least. Or, maybe I’ll just proceed with Nutrisystem. 🙂 This is another week that I…Read More

Shrinking Dad Project, Week Nine: Progress

Let’s start with some numbers: This week I weigh in at 250.4 pounds. I started out nine weeks ago at 267.5, which itself was a drop from almost tipping the scale at 270 at the beginning of the year. February 8 marked the first day I switched from my regular — and apparently not very healthy — diet to eating the prepared foods of Nutrisystem, along with eating more frequent, albeit considerably smaller meals, each…Read More

How being bullied affected my childhood…

Like a lot of children, I was bullied as a kid. Fortunately, it was really only one kid and it was for a relatively short period of time during 7th grade, then he set his sights on some other hapless victim and I proceeded along with my own childhood. Still, I can vividly remember school finishing up and me dashing to my bicycle and pedaling furiously home to get back to the safety of my…Read More

Two months in, I’ve lost over 15 pounds.

February 8 I started this journey, weighing in at 267.5 pounds. This morning I weighed in at 251.9 pounds. That’s a bit more than 15 pounds that I’ve dropped in eight weeks. Which is pretty darn nice. Last week I tipped the scales at 254.1. I am a slight bit disappointed because I’ve had two weeks without kids — they’ve been on an extended spring break with their Mom out of state — and was…Read More

Stalled out on the Shrinking Dad Project

I’m confused and a bit disheartened: I’m finishing up my seventh week of the Nutrisystem Success program weighing exactly the same as I did the end of last week: 254.1. It’s no surprise then that I’m trying to figure out what’s happened this week as it’s the first week of this program where I haven’t lost any weight. There are really two possible reasons why this has happened: too much food or too little exercise….Read More

DOMA, Gay Marriage and Fatherhood

Like just about every other adult in the United States, I’ve been watching the US Supreme Court consider the constitutionality of both the California Marriage Protection Act (also known as Prop 8) and the Defense of Marriage Act, both attempts to codify into law that only a man and a woman can legally be married. Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand why so many people are worried about what someone else is doing, whether…Read More

Shrinking Dad Week 6: Progress, Progress

Six weeks into my Nutrisystem program and there’s definite progress both on the scale and in my appearance. To recap, I started at 267.5 pounds. Today I weighed in at 254.0, a loss of 13.5 pounds in six weeks, or 2.25 pounds/week. My target weight was “under 250” when I started, but at this rate, I’ll hit that in the next two weeks — which is great! — and still have two months left on…Read More

Shrinking Dad Project, Week Five

This week my results are a bit hard to interpret, because my weight is actually up a bit from where it was mid-week, but the percentage of body fat calculated by my Withings WS30 smart scale is down significantly. I weighed in at 257.8 last week and this morning I weigh in at 256.6, so that’s about right, a bit more than a pound. Progress. I’m doing something that I know is a bad habit:…Read More

Slowly but surely, I’m shrinking

Having just seen Oz: The Great and Powerful [see my review] I have The Wizard of Oz on my mind and when I look at the title of this blog entry, I can hear the Wicked Witch whining “I’m meeeeelllttttiinnngggg!” In fact, my Shrinking Dad Project is progressing, but with a bit less drama. This week’s weight mark is 257.8, so good progress, another week where I’m down a bit less than 2 pounds, but…Read More

Not So Shrinking Dad This Week…

Today wrapped up my third week on the Nutrisystem program as I seek to reduce my weight before the summer rolls around. Last week, as you might recall, I was on holiday in Southern California with my kids and we had a great time, lots of adventures and while I took a lot of diet food with me intending to do great, I ended up doing okay. The result? I didn’t gain or lose a…Read More

Diets and Family Trips do not Easily Coexist

I had the very best of intentions. Week two of my Shrinking Dad project with Nutrisystem was going to take place while I had the kids in Southern California for a week on holiday, avoiding the storm that hit Colorado with 7-10 inches of snow. We ran barefoot on the beach and admired the towering palm trees instead. Much preferred! Oh yeah, we also visited with my Dad — the primary reason for the trip,…Read More