Survive Seven Years of Hogwarts Battle, It’s Fun!

Harry Potter continues to be a global phenomenon and even though you might have thought we’d left Hogwarts and the gang behind after the resolution of the Deathly Hallows, the franchise continues to entrance the public with new movies, new books, a stage play and even board games. It’s the latter that I’m writing about today, a deck building co-op board game that the team at USAopoly sent for review called Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. Deck…Read More

Games In A Box from Gameface Board Game Lounge

I read lots of discussion groups and Facebook groups about board gaming. It’s a hobby and social activity both, so knowing good games and having friends ready and able to play is always a win. Some groups I’m in lean more towards the Cards Against Humanity sort of party games while others are into role playing or strategy games, even those that take 3+ hours per game. And some of my friends – and children –…Read More

Build the Castle of your Dreams in Torres

There’s a magical intersection of complexity and fun that board game designers all seek to attain, a game where it’s enjoyable to play and also challenging enough to require your brain to be engaged too. Long term strategy, short term tactics, and the occasional laugh or moan as you realize you took a wrong turn somewhere along the way, that’s all manna to us gamers. Other games are so complex that there’s no space for…Read More

Trapped in the Snow in “Outpost: Siberia”

Traveling to that remote research facility deep in the Siberian tundra sounded like a great idea back in July, but now it’s the beginning of the winter and you’re stuck without hope of rescue. There’s a monster storm heading your way, and like the scientists in the classic horror film The Thing, you have no idea what beasts might show up and try to kill you. Your goal: survive the storm during the long, long…Read More

Living in the Canine World with “A Dog’s Life”

Ever wonder what it’d be like to be a dog out and about in town? Left to fend for yourself, subsisting off the generosity of restaurant owners and food you find in trash cans, even as you do your best to avoid being grabbed by the dog catcher? That’s the premise behind the amusing and very family-friendly board game A Dog’s Life from designer Christophe Boelinger. It’s an update and reprint of a game of the…Read More

Get the Party Started with the Hasbro Gaming Crate

Hasbro knows games. In fact, the company has been around since 1940’s (starting with doctor and nurse toy kits during WWII) and is the third largest toy maker in the world, with revenues of over $4 billion. The company’s best known products include Monopoly, G.I. Joe, Furby, and My Little Pony. Want more? How about The Game of Life, Twister, Clue, Battleship, Trouble, Hungry Hippos, Operation and Scrabble. All told, it’s unlikely that you haven’t…Read More

Game Review: PWNs, A Game of Strategic Mayhem

Remember shoving matches on the playground back in elementary school? They never seemed to devolve to actual punching or violence, just kids shoving and trying to show who’s tougher. Now, imagine that you can capture that in a board game that’s goofy fun and silly both, and you’ve got the basic concept behind PWNs: A Game of Strategic Mayhem. (pronounce it “pones”). Well, sort of. Because in PWNs you actually are trying to K.O. all…Read More

Game Review: Box of Rocks Trivia Game

So you think you’re so darn smart, do you? Good at trivia and extraordinarily well informed about world events and contemporary history? Then Hasbro and Haywire Group have the perfect game for you and your mates to test your trivia savvy: Box of Rocks. Yes, it will answer the age old question are you smarter than a box of rocks?? In fact, it’s a really simple trivia game perfect for families or for when you’re sitting…Read More

Game Review: Monopoly Gamer

Another Monopoly game? Really? One of the most successful board games in the world, Monopoly has a colorful past and hundreds of variants and custom editions. Who hasn’t played this ubiquitous property trading and dice rolling board game, possibly for hours beyond when you would have liked it to end? What’s interesting is that the game was originally designed to highlight the dark side of property ownership and monopolies, but has ended up celebrating all…Read More

Review: “The Lost Expedition” Game

Satellites and GPS devices have spoiled exploration; before all these fancy devices it was man versus nature in a completely visceral and life-threatening adventure. If you wanted to explore the jungle, you needed a machete, a native guide and a lot of luck, because it was a sure bet that you were going to encounter dangers that you didn’t anticipate. Explorers of the 19th Century and even into the early 20th Century were constantly traveling…Read More

Movable Type, A Card-Based Word Building Game

I’m a writer with an excellent vocabulary but for reasons I can’t explain, I’m pretty darn poor at word games. I’m surprised when I break 100 in Scrabble and even word jumbles can leave me feeling baffled and wondering if it’s “CAT” or “DOG” that’s going to win. I persist anyway and just try to avoid people who are ridiculously good at word games. You know who I’m talking about they’re the people who drive you to…Read More

Game Review: Shahrazad

I seem to spend a lot of my game time with really complicated games that have hundreds of parts and rule books that span 5-10 pages or more. Lots of fiddly bits, as gamers say, and it can be really fun to play a game like Dark Souls, as I did last weekend, but there’s also a certain joy you can find in a simple game that doesn’t aim to consume four or five hours…Read More

How to Play Cribbage

We have an impressive collection of board games ranging from Pandemic Iberia to Escape from Colditz, from Memoir ’44 to Ticket to Ride. Some are favorites with the family, including Dominion, Zombicide: Black Plague and Lords of Waterdeep. But nothing has given us as many hours of enjoyment as a deck of cards, and the two games of choice are Gin Rummy and Cribbage. Gin Rummy requires nothing other than a $1 deck of cards…Read More

Interview with Santa vs Jesus game designer Julian Miller

I’m of the mindset that it’s critical to have a sense of humor if you’re going to survive this craziness called life, and as a parent, it’s 10x important to be able to laugh at the absurdity of everyday activities. My humor extends far into the outer regions of what’s appropriate, however, so I find games like Cards Against Humanity quite amusing (though maybe 5% offensive). When I read that a new game called Santa…Read More

The National Toy Hall of Fame

Did you know that there was a National Toy Hall of Fame? I didn’t either, but The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, manages the Hall of Fame and every year identifies a dozen or so toys, games, and playthings to nominate to the Hall of Fame, then picks the top two or three to induct! This year there were three: Fisher-Price Little People, Dungeons & Dragons and the Swing. Yes, the swing….Read More