Our Pitzer College Dorm Move-In Adventure!

There are few milestones in a young person’s life greater than the huge adventure of moving out of the family home and heading to college. Life in the dorms can be sheer chaos and bewildering for some teens but for others it’s a great new world, a chance to find their own sleep schedule, eating preferences and lifestyle. Parties, lots of friends waiting to connect and yes, love interests. It’s a potent mix and it’s…Read More

Our Weekend in Claremont, California, The City of Trees

It’s been quite a journey getting down the road of childhood and parenting to the point where my son was ready to go to college and was accepted both. He did great and was accepted into Pitzer College, part of the Claremont Colleges, in Claremont, California. Pitzer has a 13% acceptance rate, so it really is a testament to his efforts over the last few years that he made it. I’ll write about Pitzer and…Read More

All Change Please: High School, College, College

This month brings change with my children in a completely unprecedented manner: My oldest daughter will be starting up at Denver University (she transferred from Colorado State University, Fort Collins at the end of last school year), my son is starting college at Pitzer, far off in Southern California, and the youngest is heading to high school just a few miles from home. There’s a story in each of their journeys, of course, but what’s…Read More

Surviving College Kids Home for the Summer

In a few weeks I will have two college age children return home with the intention of spending the summer under my roof. But living away from home changes your lifestyle, habits and expectations, so I don’t expect to recapture the halcyon days of them being the children they were years ago. Heck, they’ll both have cars and the freedom to jump in the vehicle and drive away on an adventure any time they’d like….Read More

Our College Visit to Chapman University

Last week my son G- and I had a quick trip out to the Los Angeles area, just the two of us. He wanted to visit one of the colleges on his short list that had already sent him an acceptance letter: Chapman University. Located in historic old Orange, California, it’s about ten minutes due east from Disneyland but feels a thousand miles away. He’d already seen another of his choices, Pitzer College, but since…Read More

Surviving the Now-Mandatory Colorado SAT

Did you know that the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is about to become the state-administrated exam for all high-school age students in Colorado? As recently as last year it was the ACT that students anxiously prepared for, but as of April of this year, 2017, it’s the SAT. Of course, colleges can decide which they’d prefer and students can take the ACT instead – or probably, in addition – if they want, but Colorado has chosen…Read More

CU Volleyball: Great Game, Crummy Sportsmanship

Spent the afternoon at the University of Colorado, Boulder‘s lovely Coors Event Center watching NCAA women’s volleyball, CU against the Arizona Wildcats, the first PAC12 win for the women’s team this season. Way to go, buffs! The game was great fun, exciting, and boy can they play! There were some amazing spikes and recoveries, dives, backwards runs to get the ball way, way out of court and bring it back into play. Really great volleyball…Read More

Life Doesn’t Have Trigger Warnings…

I’ve been reading about so-called trigger warnings for a year or two now, but have been in denial about their existence on college campuses and throughout academia. Unfortunately, they’re real. Before most professors now talk about anything graphic or potentially upsetting to a student, they warn the students that the topic will include certain “trigger” topics and then let the students have a moment or two to opt out and leave the lecture hall rather than participate…Read More

Off to College with a New MacBook Pro!

It’s possible I’ll now be up for a Father of the Year award based on the truly ecstatic reaction my 19yo daughter A- had yesterday when we met at the Apple Store and I bought her a brand new MacBook Pro for her college adventure. I know that there are plenty of my friends who now seek to be adopted so they too can enjoy the largesse of my apparent generosity! 🙂 What they don’t…Read More

My Oldest is Heading to College in 4 Days and…

It’s a bit hard for me to wrap my head around the concept, but the truth is staring me in the face, the calendar doesn’t lie and my oldest, A-, is heading off for college on Monday, a college that’s almost 1000 miles away from home. It’s been quite a journey for all of us to get here and in many ways she has borne the brunt of my divorce and the subsequent decade of living a…Read More

Prime Techie Car Accessories: Escort Max 360 + JumPack

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Escort Radar for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I can remember the station wagon we had when I was a kid, with its bench seats and not much else. Pop open the hood and there was an engine. Just an engine. Nowadays cars have a dozen computers and so much tech that the engine compartment is solid and you can’t even see the…Read More

Talking with kids about college tuition

I received this query email from a reader: Good morning. I’m a single Dad. I have three children 23, 21, and 19. My 21 and 19 year old are boys in college. One is a freshman and one a junior. Their Mom is remarried. I probably make about 1/3 to 1/2 of what my ex and her new husband make. The boys think I should contribute 50/50 on all things with my ex. This is…Read More

Can College Kids Afford a New Car?

When Ford Motor Company approached me about a campaign tied to young adults buying their first car, I turned it into an interview with Greg Cerise, Ford Credit sales and marketing manager. here’s what we talked about… Q: College kids affording new cars? Is that even possible? Yes, it’s possible. It’s important to put as much research and effort into financing as you put into choosing a vehicle. There are ways to start building a…Read More

Save Your Sanity Applying for College Scholarships…

If you’re the parent of a high school senior this year, you likely have a freight train of soul-crushing bureaucratic busy-work heading your way, something that’ll test your patience and demonstrate just how much your child really likes you. It’s two words that fills the heart of every parent of older children with dread: College Applications. Indeed, if Dante were to revise The Inferno I’m convinced that he’d add a new circle, bureaucratic paperwork. You know what I mean,…Read More

Smart College Alternative: Online with Western Governors University

I like college. In fact, I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from UCSD, a Masters in Education from Purdue University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business. You can glean that from my LinkedIn profile, but what few people know is that I earned my MBA through the Merrick online program, completing the first year while we were wrapping up our life in California and…Read More