Lens Color and My New Native Hardtop Ultra XP Sunglasses

Fair disclosure up front: I love Native Eyewear sunglasses. I’ve owned different pairs of them for many years and gone from neutral grey glass to blue and then to brown, trying to find the perfect glass color. You might not realize it, but there’s quite a bit of difference between the different glass colors you can get with top end sunglasses, and not only that, but the color of the front of the glass isn’t necessarily indicative…Read More

Taming the Wild Beard with the Remington Beard Boss

There are guys who have full beards and never trim them, and there are guys who shave their face clean every day or two. Both of those are a lot easier to deal with than what guys like I opt to do: have neatly groomed facial hair. Whether it’s a moustache, sideburns, a goatee, a soul patch or a full beard, turns out that managing facial hair is work. My poison of choice is a goatee,…Read More

Two Weeks of the Bachelor Life

I don’t know that I can ever really be a “bachelor” in the sense of a man who is unmarried and has zero responsibilities, but with my girls in Hawaii for two weeks with their mom, it’s feeling a lot like I have a big house and not a lot of people within. In Hollywood a “bachelor” is someone who lives a decadent lifestyle, is a slob and subsists on pizza and bottles of whiskey….Read More

The Last Belt You’ll Ever Own: The Trakline Men’s Belt

Many years ago I backed a Kickstarter campaign for a men’s belt that offered belt stops every 1/4 inch or so rather than the standard 1-inch or even 1.25-inch belt holes. From a company called Trakline, I was psyched when the belt arrived and wore it as my daily belt immediately. Which proved to be a problem, because the buckle ended up digging a hole into my pants, a stress point that they hadn’t realized would…Read More

Review: Manhattan Moonshine Whiskey

This post marks a new era in GoFatherhood: The addition of alcohol and “adult beverage” reviews. I’ve wanted to break into this area for quite a while as a reflection of all the innovation and craft alcohol now being produced, boutique products in batches as small as dozens of bottles. I’m not much of a drinker and haven’t over-indulged in decades, but I do enjoy a small snifter or shot of a fine wine, peaty single…Read More