Star Wars and the Power of Costume

I’m not being biased by saying that Denver is blessed with some splendid museums and cultural venues, and top of the list for me is the always interesting Denver Art Museum, located downtown by the Civic Center. In fact, I was at the DAM (as we locals call it) just a few weeks ago, enjoying the fascinating Glory of Venice exhibit as a chaperone for my daughter’s 7th grade class field trip. This time, however,…Read More

My Life as a Sports Dad

I was reading an article on the CPR Law site about how dangerous sports are for children where it ranked various sports and started to think about my own experiences as a sports Dad with children that have played three primary sports: basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. Add to that bike jumping, as my son loves to head over to the (world-class) local bike park for some adventures and that’s four primary sports. So how dangerous…Read More

Behind the Scenes: Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs

I had a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science‘s upcoming Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs exhibit this morning. Through a wonderful coincidence of timing, the tour not include Michele Koons, DMNS Curator of the new exhibit but both JP Brown and Dr. Ryan Williams from the Field Museum in Chicago too, the two people who conceived and created the exhibit based around Field Museum Egyptian and…Read More

Robot Revolution at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

It’s not news to readers that I’m a big fan of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and find myself there for every new exhibit and sporadically just drag the kids there for a fun afternoon of hands-on and exhibits. Sometimes it’s me and my friends – as with the recent Chocolate exhibit – but with robots in the mix thanks to the new Robot Revolution exhibit, I brought along family: My sister, visiting…Read More

The Broadmoor and life in the Wild West

Last week my 12yo daughter K- and I had the opportunity to spend a few days at one of my favorite hotels in the world, The Broadmoor, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “The Springs”, as it’s known, is about an hour south of Denver and is an interestingly diverse city, home to the US Olympic training facility, the US Air Force Academy and Focus on the Family. To fully enjoy our stay at one of the very…Read More

Hiking the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs

Most zoos are built on flat ground and exploring them is a matter of walking in circles, either outward in or from the center out, as you spiral around the property. Actually, it can be hard to hit every area, every enclosure at zoos because of their weird layout and I have more than once left a familiar zoo like the San Diego Zoo or the Denver Zoo just to realize that I never made…Read More

How my daughter’s Fiji trip was hurt by drug abuse

My daughter A- is 6200 miles away as I write this, just outside the capital city of Suva, Fiji. It’s the other hemisphere, so while we’re limping slowly into spring, she’s getting to enjoy the tail end of the Fijian summer. She’s there in a gap year program organized by a third party company, a three-month adventure that’s also taken her to New Zealand and, next, to Australia for her last month. The group started…Read More

Road trip with a Chevy Cruze LT

I had to head up to Kalispell, Montana for a week and since I like road trips, I decided to drive to and from my home in Boulder, Colorado. Estimated distance, one way: 970 miles. Once there, I had an almost daily 2-3 hours drive to an even more rural location, so at least another 500 miles while in town. A lot of driving, for sure, and I didn’t want to put 2500 miles on my own car,…Read More

The International Spy Museum. Or was it?

Having a chance to come to Washington DC, I was tempted to check in with the NSA, Langley or even the massive buildings of Homeland Security coordinating the information analysis business along the Beltway, but was afraid I might just fall off the grid, never to be heard from again. Not good. Instead, I decided that a visit to the much lauded International Spy Museum would have a better end game, particularly since I’m pretty sure that my inner…Read More

Chocolate The Exhibition @ Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Chocolate. Who doesn’t love this mysterious confection that’s the basis of so many delicious treats and desserts? I like chocolate enough to have invested in an organic chocolate food startup years ago, not to mention the various forms of chocolate I enjoy every week, from candy bars and chocolate cake to hot cocoa. Chocolate has chemical characteristics too, notably theobromine, caffeine, phenylethylamine (PEA), and anandamide, all of which help our brains find chocolate tasty and…Read More

Our Sweet Staycation at the Embassy Suites Denver!

It’s been a tumultuous month in our household, with my 19yo daughter A- heading off on a three month “gap year” program in the South Pacific, a month that included her and my ex spending a few weeks in Hawaii, then, on the one weekend between Hawaii and the South Pacific, heading off to Vermont on another trip. Leaving her 12yo sister K- behind with Dad. My concern was for my younger daughter, already anxious about her big…Read More

Our Tour of the Denver Mint

Even though I have three kids and have been parenting for just shy of two decades, I still actually enjoy hanging out with my children (go figure!) and volunteer to be involved in almost every field trip possible. This morning the upside was that I drove a car of five 12yo girls into Denver to tour the Denver Mint. And it was very interesting, to say the least! Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed, there’s a…Read More

The Remarkable Worm: Sherlock Holmes at DMNS

It was a blustery afternoon at 221B Baker Street when Holmes and I heard the tell-tale sound of a carriage pulling up sharply in front of the building. After a moment, Holmes murmured “If I’m not mistake, that’ll be a young man come to tell us about a new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Watson.” I was shocked. Even for Holmes, that was a leap of deductive reasoning. Guessing it was…Read More

Geeking out at the Northern Colorado Makers Faire

I always look forward to the Makers Faires, though every time someone asks me to describe exactly what it is, I stumble and am unsure exactly what to say. It’s like a hands-on playground for geeky adults with lasers, 3D printers and robots. But it’s more than that and there’s a really important mission underlying all the Makers Faires and the entire makers movement: Increasing STEM participation and excitement in science and technology. Don’t know…Read More

6th Grade Field Trip to the Denver Gem & Mineral Show

I’ve loved field trips since I was a kid in school and we had the occasional adventure to somewhere, anywhere other than school. Of course, going to public school, I don’t remember that many field trips, but I expect I must have had some. At least, I hope so! My daughter K- is at a school where they love field trips and, of course, the kids love them too. And what kid wouldn’t love the…Read More