A Walking Tour of San Francisco at the Dad 2.0 Summit

I just spent the last weekend in beautiful San Francisco at the Dad 2.0 Summit, hanging out with over 300 other Dads (and a bunch of Moms), talking about parenting, children, beer, fashion, toys, Star Wars, travel and beer. I also hosted a roundtable discussion on teens and Internet safety, but that felt like a minor part of the weekend, no question. I have been to every Dad 2.0 Summit — this was the fourth —…Read More

My Visit to Lucasfilm, San Francisco

I’m here in San Francisco to participate in the terrific Dad 2.0 Summit this weekend, and as with every year, the organizers have done a fantastic job of getting people and companies involved as sponsors, and lining up really fun things to do. One of the sponsors of the event for the last few years is LEGO and this year they went all out, arranging for us to have an evening event at Lucasfilm, an…Read More

Vegas turned out to be too flashy for my girls…

I’ve visited Las Vegas dozens of times in my life, almost always for trade shows or professional conferences, and so I think I’ve become immune to the rough edges of the city, observing them, but not being affected by them. And then there’s the non-stop sensory overload that characterizes everything about the Las Vegas Strip with its 24-hour lifestyle and flashing lights. When I realized I was going to be in town for a couple…Read More

Our Dam Interesting Visit to Hoover Dam

I’m mid-way through a long stint in Las Vegas and to both break up the tedium and so my 11yo could celebrate her birthday with me, a birthday that always seems to fall during the Consumer Electronics Show, I flew her and her older sister A- out for a few days. It’s definitely interesting to experience Vegas through younger eyes after coming here for so many years, but that’s the subject of a different post,…Read More

All the Twinkling from Denver’s Zoo Lights

This evening I took my youngest and her pal to the Denver Zoo for their annual Zoo Lights festivities. Opening night, actually, and as the event is sponsored by Toyota, it was only appropriate that Toyota’s local PR team invited us to join them for the evening too. Darn nice of ’em, appetizers and admission included. Zoo Lights runs from 5:30pm-9:00pm every night from Dec 5 to Jan 4, covering 38 sparkling acres of a…Read More

Fun at the Downtown Aquarium, Denver

’twas the afternoon of Black Friday and all through our family, not one person was shopping, no-one even was online. Instead we decided to head to Denver for lunch at our usual haunt — BD’s Mongolian BBQ — followed by our first visit in a while to the Downtown Aquarium, Denver. The full party consisted of my two girls (18, 10), my youngest’s friend, also 10, and myself. My son? He and his friend wanted…Read More

Behind the Scenes at Coors Field

As part of the new model year rollout from Toyota, I was invited to an event they held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The event was focused on the 2015 model line Camry, Yaris and Sienna, but I’ll write about those in another article. When we were done with the presentation and test drives, we got a very nice tour of everything behind the scenes at Coors Field and that’s what I want to focus…Read More

Fun at the Anderson Farms Corn Maze

I guess it’s a midwest sort of thing, because when I talk to my friends and family on the coasts or in other countries, they’re completely baffled by this idea of a corn maze. “No, imagine a corn field where they’ve used a tractor to make a maze. Then you have to figure your way through.” “But why? Why would you do that?” “Because it’s really fun.” “Yeah, um, okay. I’m off to the Met…Read More

Inventors and Mad Scientists at the NoCo Maker Faire

I’ve been reading about them and hearing about them for years, but I haven’t yet had the chance to go to a Maker Faire until today, when I drove up to Loveland, about 45min northeast of Boulder, for the Northern Colorado Mini-Maker Faire. Before I even got there it was interesting as it was held at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology, a former Hewlett-Packard assembly plant. Why is it now empty? Because…Read More

The Magic of Odysseo by Cavalia

My oldest and I had the chance to see the Cavalia show years ago when they came through Denver and all these years later she still has the little stuffed horse from the show in her room and vivid memories of the performers, musicians and, of course, the stunning horses and terrific stage production. When I learned that Cavalia was coming through Denver again, but this time with a new show called Odysseo, I was…Read More

Corn Maze Season is Coming at Anderson Farms

Every autumn I look forward to the majesty of the trees changing, the cool evenings and, yes, the snow. I’m not much of a skier (give me a beach any day of the week) but there’s something about waking up and looking out the window to see the neighborhood covered in that white stuff, icicles hanging from the eaves and everyone bundled up in their scarves and hats! It also means that it’s coming up…Read More

Zoo Visit Research with Animal Jam? You bet!

A few weeks ago I was one of the drivers / chaperones for my 10yo daughter’s field trip to the Denver Zoo and we had a great time, as we always do. It’s a nice zoo and for every enclose that’s small and vaguely depressing, there are 2-3 that are beautiful and spacious. As time and budget permits, the zoo continues to grow and update enclosures so that the animals have ever better enclosures. As…Read More

Our Fun Visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific

While my 10yo daughter and I were in Southern California visiting my Dad, we decided to take in at least one of the local sights, do one touristy thing that didn’t involve a beach and seaweed. Yeah, there was a lot of seaweed at this point in the summer, which made swimming in the ocean a bit less glamorous. Still, a California beach in the heat of the summer? Let’s just say that there was plenty…Read More

Biking through Balboa Island

Spending a few days in Southern California with my 10yo daughter K-, and we had a day to spare so we indulged in one of our favorite things to do in greater Los Angeles: head down to Newport Beach and rent bikes. The Newport Beach harbor area is quite fascinating because unlike other beach areas, they’ve spent a lot of effort — and money — to create small, private islands, complex waterways and some of…Read More

This Summer, My Kids are at Epic Summer Camps

As I write this, my 17yo A- is in the Netherlands Antilles on the tiny flyspeck island of Bonaire, approx 100 miles off the coast of Venezuela. She’s at a three-week community service camp focused on rebuilding the fragile reef ecosystem in the area, including becoming certified as a scuba diver. “Bonaire Bon Bini is our 21-day teen SCUBA and environmental community service program in the beautiful Dutch Caribbean. Obtain your PADI SCUBA diving certification (or…Read More

A Fun Day at Denver Comic-Con 2014

As a film critic for ScienceFiction.com I have access to some pretty cool opportunities, not the least of which is that I can flash that credential to get a media pass for game and sci-fi conventions and conferences. Handy, that! When Comic-Con heads to Denver, I was definitely “in” and, better, brought along A-, my 17yo daughter, as an additional photographer from SF.c. Denver Comic-Con isn’t as big as the original, San Diego Comic-Con, but…Read More

Animal Jam, a Virtual World for Kids from National Geographic Kids

Tip: I’m giving away an Animal Jam club membership! Details at the end of the article. There are few brands I respect more than National Geographic, having grown up on the monthly magazine that has always been home to the most amazing photography and captivating articles and nature, animals and the world around us. The world has gone digital, however, and a print publication, however prestigious, seems a bit old school. NatGeo has kept up,…Read More

Living the Lux Life at Kona Kai Resort, San Diego

Part of our great Southern California trip last month included a few days in San Diego, my old stomping ground: I got my undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego (in Computer Science, if you’re curious) and while the city’s exploded with growth since I was there, it’s still a great place to visit with its beautiful harbor and never-ending parade of laid-back beach communities. Not to mention some of the best Mexican…Read More

Seaworld San Diego In Perfect Weather, But…

We’re regular visitors to SeaWorld San Diego and have gone about a dozen times since my oldest was born. This time when I proposed it as a day of adventure while we were in town, I was surprised to get some pushback from A-, my 17yo. She had been hearing about a documentary called Blackfish that purports to expose the ill treatment of orcas in the SeaWorld parks worldwide and didn’t want to support the…Read More

A Visit to California = A Visit to Disneyland

I’ve finally gotten my kids to the point where they now automatically assume that every time we to Southern California we have to also go to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure parks. Alright, it wasn’t much of a task to convince them of that, but still, since I went so darn many times as a child, growing up in Southern California myself, it’s fun to have them become familiar with the parks, identify their favorite…Read More

Three Generations of Men at The Lyon Air Museum

There’s something slightly cliché about multi-generational activities, but as part of our family trip to California for spring break I was determined at some point to break up the family by gender. So a few days ago my son G-, my Dad and I spun off from the girls and went out for an adventure of our own. The gals went shopping (speaking of cliché activities!) and we men? We went to the Lyon Air…Read More