Taste Test: Moore’s Marinades Wing Sauces!

One of the best things about being a lifestyle blogger (or parent blogger who also covers lifestyle topics, however you want to spin it) is that we get lots of opportunities to eat and drink stuff. From beverages to treats, dinner out with the gang to try a new menu or venue, to condiments and ingredients sent to our house to see if we like ’em, it’s all pretty darn sweet. Or, in this instance,…Read More

Harvest Snaps are a Ridiculously Tasty Snack…

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HarvestSnapsVeggieCrisps #HarvestSnapsGoodness #HarvestSnapsLove I like snacks, particularly between meals. What better way to improve my daily intake than by switching and grabbing a bag of Harvest Snaps as my go-to snack option. It’s far healthier than my usual fare! What you might not realize if you haven’t tried Harvest Snaps is that they’re actually made from veggies with a seasoned…Read More

You had me at Waffles & Ice Cream, Birch Benders!

I don’t know if my Mum realized it at the time, but there was a period during my childhood when my breakfast of choice was waffles with vanilla ice cream. No fruit, not even maple syrup, just a waffle and ice cream sandwich. Mad tasty, though as a parent now I cringe at the nutritional value of this meal. Still, you don’t have to be Eleven in Stranger Things to love waffles and the great…Read More

Chocodate: Chocolate Covered Dates Stuffed with Almonds!

Dates are a staple food of the Middle East but somehow surprisingly few people in the United States are familiar with this tasty and healthy snack. Usually about 2x-3x the size of an olive, dates grow on stalks on the date palm and are considered a fruit, not a nut. They’re also a great source of both fiber and potassium, but hey, who’s going to worry about health when it’s taste we’re talking about? Enter…Read More

To Market, To Market at Sprouts Farmers Market

Living in Boulder, Colorado, there are a remarkable number of grocery store options, ranging from indie upstarts like Lucky’s Market to the big guys like Whole Foods, Safeway and King Soopers. Because of our community’s focus on health and wellness, even the big players try out new concepts with organic, natural, vegetarian and similar. Safeway, for example, had its North Boulder store as a showcase for its quite large organic and natural section, even flying…Read More

Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew Coffee. At Home!

I’ve written about some of the delicious coffees from King’s Row Coffee in the past, so when they announced they were going to be moving into the cold brew space and were going to be shipping cans of cold brew coffee that was nitrogen infused, well, I wanted to try it! They shipped a sample box my way and upon receipt I promptly tossed it into the back of the fridge for a day: it’s…Read More

New Grain Bowls at Mad Greens: Delish!

Had a great opportunity a few days ago to meet up for lunch with Lucas Clarke, the Chief Marketing Officer at Mad Greens. I invited my oldest daughter along, an avowed vegan, since I thought she’d be most interested in talking with someone whose business is finding the intersection of healthy and popular. We met up at the Boulder Mad Greens, a restaurant we have frequented many times, and tried out the newest items on their…Read More

Good Day Chocolate: The BEST Way to Take Vitamin D

While there are big pharma companies encouraging us to get a flu shot it turns out that there’s some interesting research that suggests dosing up on something as simple as Vitamin D can significantly help you fight off that nasty influenza bug. For example, one researcher points out that “there is a seasonality to influenza that correlates well with the seasonal drop in vitamin D levels” while another observes that “some studies have shown that…Read More

Chocolate With Benefits with Good Day Chocolate

One of the perks of being a pretty well-known blogger is that I get invited to lots of fun and interesting events. Last night was a great example: Local market Sprouts invited me to join a group of other bloggers (all women, I was the token guy) to meet the founder and CEO of Good Day Chocolate, and have some hands-on fun making chocolate with them. Chocolatiers? How could I have possibly said “no” to…Read More

Great Soup from Soupure. By Mail!

I’m always a bit anxious ordering perishable foods by mail: what if I’m not home and the box sits in the sun for hours and hours, going bad before I can even give it a taste or get it into the fridge or freezer? Still, companies have figured this one out long ago with ice packs, dry ice, etc, and so when LA-based Soupure approached me and asked if I wanted to try some of…Read More

Kids Lunches? Go Organically Fruit Snacks!

We’re just a week or two away from school starting and in some areas the kids are already back to the daily grind. Which leads to the daily hassle in my house of school lunches. Many schools have a cafeteria and daily food menu, but my girl attends a smaller school that lacks those sort of resources, so every morning it’s time to scrounge together enough for her to eat and make it through the…Read More

Tasty and Healthy: Ice Chips Candy

Yeah, I know. Candy. How can something with that name not be bad for you? In fact, isn’t it the case that if it is actually healthy, it’s a snack or treat, but not candy, per se? Well, not really. From organic chocolate to an increasingly wide variety of confections, there’s been a big change in candy over the last decade or so and if you’re still grabbing something from Nestlé or M&M Mars, you…Read More

Some Mighty Good Burgers at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

My friends and I have a diverse set of interests but there’s one thing that knits us all together: we like to eat. And not just that, but we like to eat good food while socializing. I’d been to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar once before and liked it, but when the local Broomfield, Colorado restaurant asked me if I’d like to try their venue with a couple of buddies, I knew just who to ask…Read More

A Tropical Dinner at bd’s Mongolian Grill

I’ve been a fan of Mongolian grill restaurants for a really long time, and it was natural that I’d try to get my kids enthused about the fun dining experience as they grew up too. And it worked! All three children are always happy when we head to our favorite, bd’s Mongolian Grill in downtown Denver, Colorado. There used to be a bd’s in Boulder, which was way more convenient, but it closed down many years ago….Read More

Add These to Your Big Game Food Prep

Every year I try to pull together a viewing party for the Big Game the beginning of February. You know what I’m talking about, the Game That Shall Not Be Named but is the final for a season of the National Football League. Yeah, that game. 🙂  Now people who follow me know that 95% of the time, when I mention “football”  I mean the kind with the round ball, big nets, and guys being given…Read More