The Denver Art Museum and BD’s Mongolian BBQ!

My 17yo and her mom are in Europe for a few weeks so the younger two are with me for the duration, which is going well so far, though K-, my 10yo, has an occasional twinge of missing mommy. My son? I don’t know if he’d notice if they extended their trip for a few months or permanently relocated to Vietnam, as long as he can shoot hoops with his friends and play Clash of…Read More

How to Make the Perfect Morning Smoothie

Ever since I traveled down the Nutrisystem road and lost a bunch of weight, one of the things that’s stuck with me is having a fruit and protein powder smoothie as breakfast. Now in the Nutrisystem program it’s an accompaniment to a small bowl of cereal, a bar, a cinnamon roll, or similar, but outside of the program I prefer to have the smoothie become a bit more substantial and have it as my only…Read More

A Typical Morning Smoothie, Step by Step

I’ve written about my Ninja blender and I have written about the weight loss program I was on earlier in the year, but while I’ve posted photos on Instagram [follow me on Instagram] of my smoothies, I’ve never explained step by step what I toss into the blender and how it comes out. So here it is, Dave’s Morning Smoothie Recipe! I start out with a banana and 1% milk, then throw in some frozen…Read More

Like a Ninja! My Ninja Ultima Blender party…

I’ve been having fruit smoothies for breakfast for just about all of 2013, using my Kitchenaid blender acquired at Target a few years ago and while it’s done okay, I’ve been eager to upgrade to a high end blender. If they weren’t so crazy expensive, I’d have bought a Vitamix as they have a very good reputation. When the opportunity to give a Ninja Ultima BL810 blender a whirl (pun intended) came along, I jumped…Read More

Custom Granola from MixMyOwn? Fun and Tasty!

At first blush, the idea seems a bit daft, but after trying it, it’s brilliant: a Web site that lets you create your own custom muesli (granola) mix based on dozens of organic ingredients. Welcome to, where they offer just that capability through a fun and easy interactive Web site. Based in Nevada, I had a chance to meet the company founder at a recent event in Denver, where he hooked me up with…Read More

Piranha Burger Indeed: Why Calorie Counts on Menus Matter

One of the things I most enjoy about going on a business trip or visiting family in California is that by law all restaurant menus must include calorie counts for everything served. Now this might not seem like a big deal but as someone who likes to know what I’m eating and how I’m balancing my caloric intake, it’s super helpful. Tip: I’m down 35 pounds from my Jan 1, 2013 weight and don’t ever…Read More

How I add pizzaz to my water bottle with Bigelow Tea…

I’m English, so it’s a natural that I like tea. Somewhere along the way, though, I decided that hot tea wasn’t so much my thing and now it’s evolved into my preference for iced tea. No soda, just about zero beer, an occasional glass of wine or mojito, but generally if I have a glass in my hand it’s either water or iced tea. And it’s usually iced tea. At the same time, living in…Read More

Cheesy Cheetos Art with Chester Cheetah

After our great success with the Snackadium we made — see We Make a Snackadium for the Playoffs — we’ve apparently become master food sculptors and artists. That’s the only reason I can come up with as to why the cool cats at Life of Dad invited us to join in on the Cheetos Mix-Ups Art Challenge! The rules were simple: they sent us a bag of Cheetos Mix-Ups Cheezy Salsa snack mix (a combination of…Read More

Why do companies add sugar to peanut butter?

I don’t get it. I was at the supermarket the other day looking for a new jar of peanut butter to have in the house (though I’m rather partial to fresh ground almond butter, but that’s another story) and while I’m savvy enough to automatically skip all the regular peanut butter options on the shelf, I did look closely at the “natural” or “organic” brands. Which is how I realized that Jif peanut butter is…Read More

Diets and Family Trips do not Easily Coexist

I had the very best of intentions. Week two of my Shrinking Dad project with Nutrisystem was going to take place while I had the kids in Southern California for a week on holiday, avoiding the storm that hit Colorado with 7-10 inches of snow. We ran barefoot on the beach and admired the towering palm trees instead. Much preferred! Oh yeah, we also visited with my Dad — the primary reason for the trip,…Read More

Surviving The Great First Sleepover

It’s funny but I don’t remember ever having a sleepover when I was young, even with my buddy Mitch when I was in middle school and my buddy Ivan when we were in high school together. I’m sure I had them, especially since I have vague memories of Mitchell’s dad yelling at us late at night, but still, it certainly wasn’t a common occurrence. And yet, my children are constantly having sleepovers, either inviting their…Read More

We Build a Snackadium For the Playoffs

Our Denver Broncos might have fumbled away the playoffs yesterday in overtime, but my 16yo daughter A- and I had plenty of time to build our snackadium, a stadium made out of snack foods. In fact, we spent much of this afternoon having a really fun time taking a bunch of common foods from the market and transforming them into our vision of a football stadium, complete with the players, a crowd and a parking…Read More

After deliberation, our favorite Frigo string cheese is…

We get all sorts of cool stuff from companies here at GoFatherhood central, and when Frigo asked us if we’d like a sampler pack of their various flavors of string cheese all my kids had to hear was the word “cheese” and they were enthusiastic. My whole family is, um, cheese positive, and my Dad even swears he could live a happy life if all he ever had to eat were cheese sandwiches. I’m a…Read More

Our review of zpizza: Meh

A few weeks ago the team behind zpizza contacted me and offered to send a voucher so I could take the kids there and we could try out their pizza. Free pizza? And I have kids? A no brainer, and so they sent $20 in vouchers. Tonight, finally, I took my 12yo son G- and 8yo daughter K- to the local zpizza, tucked neatly between Firehouse Subs and Jamba Juice in what’s become franchise food…Read More

The dilemma of post-school snacks

Perhaps I’m the only one, but regardless of what kind of lunch my kids pack they seem to do a poor job of staying focused at lunch time and actually eating their food, so when I pick them up, it’s often to one or more entreaties of “I’m starving! can we get some food?” I mean, they get out at 3pm, it’s not like it’s half a day removed from when they should be sitting…Read More