Suggestions needed: Hosting a Halloween party for 4th grade!

I won’t say I’m totally overwhelmed, but tomorrow at this time I’ll have a dozen rowdy fourth graders ready to party and enjoy Halloween at my place. It’s all because I not only like to party, but I like to host parties too. I mean, how better to enjoy how my children socialize with their peers and enjoy all those cute kid Halloween costumes without any trick-or-treating being involved?  As long-time readers will know, I…Read More

And some days everything’s just… good.

It’s been a rough few weeks, no question. The big flood didn’t help anything, but even before that, we have all sorts of things going on in our little family unit, including us deciding to pull A-, my 11th grader, out of the private school she’s been attending since kindergarten. We’ve switched her to an online high school, Laurel Springs, with the hope that she can focus on academics and really jump head first into…Read More

Solving the bedtime dilemma, one “stuffie star” at a time

The problem has been building for the last few months and it seems to ebb and flow, complaints and upset around not wanting to go to bed or not being able to actually fall asleep. I talk to other parents and they seem to have two strategies: anger and struggle or capitulation. While I might occasionally veer towards the former, sorry to say, neither of them really fit the bill. I’m a guy who lives…Read More

Does Attachment Parenting mean never brushing your child’s hair?

I’ve been practicing attachment parenting for 16 years, which is easy to calculate because my oldest is, well, 16 years old. Why AP? We chose to raise our children using an AP approach because we felt it was the parenting philosophy most in sync with our own beliefs, most in alignment with our values and most consistent with our approach to our lives. Like most things in the behavioral realm, though, there’s no “official AP…Read More

The drag of sick kids

Yesterday on the way to lacrosse practice my 13yo son G- ran out of steam. We were driving towards the practice field and I could just see him collapse, and when he tilted the car seat back and put his arm across his eyes and complained about fuzzy vision, I called it and turned around. Heading home, I texted my older girl (16) that we’d changed plans and were en route back, to which she…Read More

Half-birthdays? Is this for real?

At my kids school, they celebrate half-birthdays when the children would otherwise have a birthday during summer, and that makes sense to me: the in-class parties (at least for the earlier grades) are quite fun and often meaningful, with parents and siblings invited in for the short celebration. Being born in August, I should know this one pretty well, along with the problem of kids being on summer holiday during when I’d ostensibly have a…Read More

Surviving The Great First Sleepover

It’s funny but I don’t remember ever having a sleepover when I was young, even with my buddy Mitch when I was in middle school and my buddy Ivan when we were in high school together. I’m sure I had them, especially since I have vague memories of Mitchell’s dad yelling at us late at night, but still, it certainly wasn’t a common occurrence. And yet, my children are constantly having sleepovers, either inviting their…Read More

When to Start Having Sleepovers?

My older kids have been doing sleepovers with their best friends for years. It’s evolved to where we have some rules around the sleepover and I am certainly picky about which of their friends I believe offer a safe and supervised environment for one of my children spending the night, but generally I like the idea and have certainly hosted a lot of other teens or tweens at my place. We do have some rules,…Read More

Lice reported at school! Eewwwwww…..

This has to be one of the very worst email messages to receive from your child’s school, hands down: Dear Gr. 3 Parents — I am writing to inform everyone that one case of head lice was reported in the class today. I have attached our Lice Procedure doc. Everyone should check their child’s head for lice tonite if you can. Please let me know immediately if anyone else has this issue. The #6 procedure…Read More

Great book for new Dads: Commando Dad

I’ve been having a very amusing email conversation with Neil Sinclair, the author of the new book “Commando Dad”, and thought you too would enjoy this book, especially if you’re just getting into the parenting world with a new baby. I’ll let him speak for himself, though, by simply sharing the intro to his book: Introduction TO ALL DADS AND CARERS (henceforth known as ‘Commando Dads’) This book has been written for YOU. I have…Read More

The Case Against Breastfeeding in Public

My good friend Kira commented to me a while back about how she wasn’t a fan of public breastfeeding and I was so struck by her perspective that I asked her to write a brief essay for my blog explaining her thinking. Here it is: Some years ago, I attended a college reunion and hooked up with some friends for an afternoon of board games. A couple of my friends brought their infant daughter. In…Read More

Are video monitors putting babies under surveillance?

I get a rather astonishing number of pitches from tech companies seeking visibility in the dad and parenting space online, and it’s very cool. Lots of interesting products and innovations. After all, us parents need all the help we can get, and if it’s in the shape of a gadget, well, we like our smartphones and Internet, right, so how can anything that taps into that zeitgeist not be good? When Lorex Technology sent me their…Read More

In Colorado, we’re now done with booster seats

I just realized this morning as I looked around my garage and counted one fancy car seat and two car booster seats that I don’t need them any more. My little one, K-, turned 8 last week (I even hosted a party for her pals at the local bowling alley. Solo. Yikes!) and the Colorado law for children needing to be in a booster seat states that “under 8” is the criterion. So we’re done….Read More

Really bad product name: Baby Bullet

Okay, so the concept is pretty neat: a little personal blender that you use to make your own baby food. I guess. If you’re that hardcore a parent and still have the mental acuity to be trusted around whirring blades after weeks or months of sleep deprivation. 🙂 But did anyone do any research on product names? What do you think? Is this some “Millenial” thing and it’s a reference to getting drunk in college…Read More