The Breastfeeding Blip

A guest article written by Courtney Baros of Chicago-based Be By Baby. Let’s face it, we live convenient lives. I was walking down the grocery aisle and, within the course of 5 minutes I saw people texting, emailing, talking on their cell phones – instantaneously connecting with people all over the world and getting all kinds of information on just about anything. I started to look at the store itself and was amazed at the…Read More

Sneaky tricks supermarkets use to make us spend more…

I don’t usually just repost press reelases that come into my mailbox (though I sure get a lot of them) but this one piqued my interest and I thought you might enjoy it too, dear reader. It’s from Andrea Woroch who is apparently a nationally recognized consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc. Do I recognize her name? No. But perhaps you do. 🙂 Still, interesting information… 1. Super sized often proves undervalue. Bigger isn’t…Read More

How can a breastfeeding AP mom go back to work?

We get letters… here’s another one, from a Canadian Mom who is worried about the ramification of co-sleeping with her young son… I live in Quebec, Canada and am a proud mother of a 7 month old son. I am not quite sure whether my son is high need. He is certainly not fussy, but he used to nurse hours and hours for the first few months after he was born. He could drink for…Read More

This new mom needs help sleeping through the night…

I received this long, but common plea from an attachment parenting mom: “I just came across your blog site yesterday as I was typing in “co-sleeping, breastfeeding, not sleeping” in a google search. I am a very blessed mother of an almost 7 month old beautiful baby boy. He is what you would call “high needs” by Dr. Sears’ description in the Baby Book. “He has a great temperament, but really needs to be constantly…Read More

Any advice on healing pet death trauma in a little one?

Oh, my poor little 7yo daughter! Through an unfortunately series of events, late last week she witnessed Linda’s dogs attacking and killing her pet rat Trixie. Worse, she was alone in the house at the time. At least she was smart enough not to intervene, I suppose, so she didn’t end up bitten by the dogs in the middle of their frenzy, but still… Since then she’s had a sadness in her heart – unsurprisingly…Read More

Single parenting and co-sleeping, when’s it time to switch?

I get letters… In fact, I just got the following email: “I was looking for some parenting advice for a friend of mine, hoping that I would dig up some neat clinical advice (as this would help take the sensitivity out of it), but can’t seem to find anything. Perhaps you can help….My friend, Mike, is going through a divorce and he and ex-wife have been separated for quite a while now. His 8 year…Read More

Help A Mom: My baby’s waking up hourly at night!

As someone who writes about attachment parenting and general parenting from the Dad’s point of view, I get email. A fair bit of email, actually, and it’s great stuff, but sometimes I really don’t have much of an answer. One of those messages arrived this morning from an exhausted mom: I need to find someone to connect with. I practice attachment parenting and my 6 month old sleeps with me…but he wakes every hour…I need…Read More

Is Attachment Parenting relevant as kids grow up?

I was reading through the great material available at Attachment Parenting International, the “parent’ corporation (or, perhaps better, “mother ship”) for those of us that follow intentional or attachment parenting, and was struck at how few of the Eight Core Principles of Attachment Parenting are relevant once your joyous little bundle grows up and isn’t a little baby any more. To wit, the eight rules are: Prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenting. Feed with love…Read More

How do you establish a post-cosleeping bedtime?

Reader question time: I would like some suggestions on having a bed time with the family bed. My daughter who is almost three has been co-sleeping with us from the first day we brought her home from the hospital. I would like her to sleep in her own bed in our room with a bedtime. This has proven to be very difficult. She can’t fall asleep without me next to her. Any tips would be…Read More

The importance of friends & family in your baby’s life

So I’m typing in a comment responding to a query from a gal about her tiny baby being very attached to her and how she can get ready for when she goes back to work, saying “get her used to friends and family holding her and being safe too” when it struck me how poor a job of this Linda and I did with our kids and how that really adversely affected our ability to…Read More

Avoiding stress while raising two 4mo boys?

As is not uncommon, I received an email from someone who earnestly hoped that I was an expert on attachment parenting. I’m not. I just play one on TV. Oh, no, I turned that offer down (it’s true, I was invited to come on the Dr. Phil show to talk about attachment parenting!). More seriously, I’ve just been using an attachment parenting approach first with my children when they were young, and now as best…Read More

Attachment parenting and babysitters

I don’t know exactly how we ended up in this situation, but I find that one of the toughest things about being a single parent with three varied age kids we’ve raised with attachment parenting ideals is that they’re not babysitter friendly. What do I mean by that? Simply that they aren’t responsive to babysitters, don’t listen, and generally are anxious and upset if they’re with someone other than Linda or I. Not during the…Read More

How do you add a second baby to the family bed?

I received this interesting letter from a reader that’s a core puzzle for family bed families: how do you add baby #2 to the mix? I’ll let her speak for herself, then afterwards I’ll add my two cents and invite you, dear reader, to do the same… My name is Kristin, I have a two year old son, Myles, and am expecting another baby in November. Myles has always slept in between my husband and…Read More

Strategies for coping with gestational diabetes?

A close friend of mine is rather panicking right now as her pregnancy has progressed because she’s been diagnosed with rather serious gestational diabetes. Here’s what she told me: “Was diagnosed at about 28 weeks and we are having trouble getting it under control. Diet changes and all – the #’s are still high. They were concerned at the Doc’s yesterday about baby’s tummy being ahead two weeks than the rest of his body –…Read More

“Imagination Movers” and the quality of children’s music

Somehow, I’m not entirely sure how, I have landed on the promo list for Disney Music and every month or two get a music CD aimed at the 3-7 set. Most of them are pretty good, but I have to admit that the latest disk they’ve sent us is quite astonishingly good and very worth a listen. The disk is Disney’s Imagination Movers: For Those About to Hop and it’s songs from the hit Disney…Read More