Disaster Relief: The Red Cross and the Okies

Some days I look around me at the Rocky Mountains, the creeks and streams, the rolling green hills, the big sky and fantastical cloud formations and really feel grateful that I can live in such a beautiful area. Boulder, Colorado, surely one of the prettiest towns in one of the most majestic states in the USA. But it’s not just here that’s pretty, it’s our planet. Really, if you take a deep breath, slow down…Read More

Gratitude for a weekend with dads at the Dad 2.0 Summit

This is the second time that Doug French and John Pacini have marshaled forces to co-host the Dad 2.0 Summit, and the second time I’ve had the pleasure of not just attending, but speaking at the event. And it’s amazing to be at an event with so many men who are passionate about being fathers and about making the world a better place for children and parents both. There are Dads that blog about cooking,…Read More

Can you help the God’s Child Project?

Sometimes being a highly visible single dad blogging about children, parenting and divorce has some unexpected benefits. For one, I get really interesting email messages from people located all over the planet. Groups that are doing great work and that I’m happy to help gain visibility. That’s the case with the following letter from Amy Gridley from La Asociacion Nuestros Ahijados. Read on, see what you think… Dave, I have been sifting through many, many, MANY…Read More

Cool Charity: Cooking with the Troops

There was a lot to see at Blogworld Expo last week, and a ton of great people to meet and catch up with. A good social conference! One of my favorite people from the event was Heather Solos and one reason was because she shared with me the Cooking with the Troops project she’s involved with. Cooking With the Troops: Let’s Make Dinner! image from blackfive.net Here’s the problem: if you’re in the military, you’re…Read More

The challenge of doing the right thing…

Based on my own experience, along with much of what I’ve read in the last few decades, it’s clear to me that one of the greatest challenges we face in life is how to know if you’re doing the right thing at a given moment or not. What does “the right thing” even mean? It’s something that’s baffled people for a long time and is the basis of many philosophies, religions and codes of conduct….Read More

UC’s Survey on Multimedia Children’s Books (or is it vendor research?)

I constantly get queries from academics asking if I can help them disseminate information about a survey they’re doing on some subject or the other, often without indicating critical things like the topic of the survey or — for those of you that understand the nuances of research — the source of their funding. This is another in that vein, a research project from the University of Connecticut exploring the impact of multimedia books. “The…Read More