My Latest Acquisition: Nighthawks from Geoffrey Gersten

Much to my own surprise, I have become an art collector. Yes, every parent collects their children’s art, but I have used a different approach in the last few years of visiting galleries and trying to find artists who are sympatico with my worldview, creative, witty and with one foot in the future while another’s firmly in a somewhat nostalgic past. I’ve written about it before too, including the story of how I became friends…Read More

Rockport shoes, more comfortable than sneakers?

Tip: I’m hosting a giveaway for a pair of Rockport Total Motion shoes. Read on… When I look at photos of people going to work in an urban area like New York or Chicago, I’m always struck by how nicely everyone dresses. Me? I work at coffee shops and usually have on a polo shirt, shorts and sandals. And if I’m working at home, it could be PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. Not so upscale. But…Read More

Review: Vertty Triangular Beach Towel

I get lots and lots of pitches from different companies and different agencies, for products that are a complete mix. Strollers, pacifiers, clothes, shoes, hotels thousands of miles away, and even beach towels. Yes, beach towels. Turns out that beach towels needed to “bring the city’s sophistication” to the beach, according to designer Vertty, so they rethought the entire concept and made a high-end towel that’s sewn together from triangular parts. More importantly, it includes a…Read More

This summer, it’ll be “staycation” not vacation

I grew up in a middle class family where my Mum stayed home and watched us munchkins while my Dad worked, often six days a week. He got vacation time, however, and the idea of us going on even an overnight without him never really came up that I recall. We’d do day trips, adventures to the beach, to visit family and I also remember summer camps when I was a bit older (I can…Read More

What’s wrong with quid pro quo?

As a single parent, earning money to cover our ever-increasing expenses is rarely far from my mind. My oldest is driving now (insurance? a car?), my boy is not far behind, and of course they all want smartphones, at least as good as what dear old Dad has. Now I’ve long since mastered “no” but it’s a fact that the cost of keeping a child increases as they get older. Clothes, entertainment, even food goes…Read More

Getting Ready for Dad 2.0 Summit

I’ve attended trade shows for my entire working life, and for many years that was my journalistic beat, trade shows and expos, so I’ve probably been to well over 100 shows. 100 expo floors. 100 agendas with talks and speakers, keynotes, and confusing time management tips. 100 trade show badges (most of which I still have, as you can see in the photo) and 100 hotel rooms. I’ve learned that not all shows or conferences…Read More

Millennials: The Next Greatest Generation or Destined for Catastrophic Failure?

This is a guest post from my friend, Professor Matt Morava of Denver University. I’m not sure I agree 100% with his assessment, but it’s certainly interesting to consider… May you live in interesting times. –Chinese Curse It feels like I only go backwards baby, Every part of me says, “go ahead.”, I got my hopes up again, oh no… not again. Feels like we only go backwards darling.  –Tame Impala By 2014, Millennials (those born between 1982…Read More

Buying a Love Spell? Here’s The Scoop…

I know this is weird, but for months I have had spam comments show up on my AskDaveTaylor blog from people doing SEO [spam] marketing for a spell caster. Yes, as if we’re still in the Dark Ages, these promos promise you’ll get the person you love back in your life if you just tap the expertise of their wizards (witches? warlocks?). Here’s a typical advert: For the past 3 years now I have been…Read More

Blogging and Dating: Is it a problem?

I date. I blog. Problem? Turns out that for some women I meet, it is a problem and in at least one instance, a show-stopper. And yet when I read through what I have written here on GoFatherhood, the most personal of my blogs, I don’t think I’m violating anyone’s privacy or sharing potentially embarrassing situations with you, my dear readers. Perhaps I’m blinded to the realities of the situation because blogging, writing and journaling are such…Read More

Scrubbing my posts so people will link here?

You can’t make this sort of stuff up. I received the following message from a reader: I just found your site and love to see a dad branching out for the better! I’m a mom to 2 wonderful girls, and have an awesome husband.  It’s frustrating to him that there is not much support for dads! Anyways I’m starting up my own site that focuses on attachment parenting and would love to add your site…Read More

My New Painting That Started in A Lobby Bar

This is a story about how the connectivity of the Internet changes how we buy things, and I present it for your amusement and entertainment… A few months ago I spoke at Blogworld Expo in Los Angeles and, like many others, stayed at the Sheraton Los Angeles. As is typical for a conference, evenings would find a group of us hanging out in the lobby bar, sharing a drink and talking about what we learned,…Read More

Win a new BBQ for Father’s Day

This is pretty cool: A web site called Brads and big guns Sears and Kansas City Steak Company are teaming up on a drawing for a pretty sweet new BBQ setup. The winner gets a Kenmore 4-burner LP Mocha gas grill with searing burner (very useful for those ‘smores, I’m sure!), 4 8oz filet mignon’s and 4 Kansas City Strip steaks. I could use that myself, it’d be the basis of a very nice…Read More

Stay up late? It’s probably because you’re so darn smart…

Sometimes you bump into research and say “yeah! that’s me!” That was my reaction when I bumped into an article in Psychology Today entitled “Intelligence: the Evolution of Night Owls“. You can read the entire article for yourself, but here’s a choice quote: “Because the nocturnal lifestyle allowed by electricity didn’t exist 10,000 years ago, we must now rely on general intelligence to override our early-to-bed instincts. So those with more of it stay up…Read More

My blog and guest posts…

When I got two emails in the same hour from people offering up guest content on topics that aren’t related to what I discuss here on the Attachment Parenting Blog, I started to wonder… Here’s the first of ’em: “I have been looking for parenting blogs that are interested in guest content. I like the honest approach that you implement in your posts. Very refreshing. I feel that I could add to this through a…Read More

Weird Pic Caption Contest

I hosted a panel last night on the future of television, for the DaVinci Institute, and as part of it, I continued an amusing tradition of presenting the weirdest pictures of the week and offered up what I hope were amusing captions for them unrelated to the original context of the pictures. Seems to me that’d be fun to do here on my blog to, so without further ado, here they are… The first one…Read More

The economics of driving a taxi in Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas right now for the Blogworld and New Media Expo and took a cab, as I often do, cruising around from hotel to hotel, party to party. This time the driver, Frank, was in a talkative mood and revealed some very interesting information about the economics of being a cab driver here in Las Vegas. Wondering how these guys get paid? Turns out that one of their biggest sources of revenue is…Read More

Are stupid people more likely to die from a heart attack?

I’m still chewing on the extraordinary flame-out that is the medical research from the British Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council, as reported in BBC News under the headline Lower IQ ‘a heart disease risk’. The problem? They have committed the cardinal research sin of taking correlational data and concluding causality. It’s a classic logic problem as illustrated by this: smokers have ashtrays in their houses. Smokers get lung cancer. Therefore ashtrays cause cancer….Read More

Photo Shoot: Colorado Railroad Museum in Miniature

Last week my son G- and I went to Golden to visit one of my favorite places, the Colorado Railroad Museum. There are tons of trains in various states of repair (and disrepair) on the many acres of this museum and it’s a great place for kids to climb around and generally get a bit of the train bug. It’s also in Coors town, so it’s not far to drive for a beer after wandering…Read More

Is co-sleeping a barrier to divorce?

I received a very interesting query from a reader: I am looking for a little advice. I am contemplating divorce and one of my many concerns is the fact that I co-sleep with my 9 year old boy and 6 year old daughter (in my daughters room). I love sleeping with my kiddos, but, I fear I have made them a little too dependent on me. If I were to go through with the divorse,…Read More

Do you have a college trust set up for your kids?

My children are young still, but I’ve been thinking about college expenses for many years now, wanting to both stash some money away each year to help me from panicking if one of them says “hey, Dad, I’ve been accepted into Harvard!” or “Yes, Dad, the London School of Economics looks like my best bet.” Each of which will be inevitably followed by… “You can pay for me to go there, right, Daddy-ums?” What I…Read More

Learning how to shave again?

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and after almost 20 years of sporting a beard and mustache, I switched to a goatee, which means that the edges of my jaw are now exposed to people in a way that hasn’t happened in a long, long time. The reaction? Almost no guys noticed, and almost all the women I know immediately knew what had changed. I’d say it’s been 95% positive and I have…Read More