Is Gluten-free food and cooking just a fad?

It seems like everyone knows someone these days who is ‘gluten-free’. Is this a fad? Why is ‘gluten’ all of a sudden such a buzzword? One reason is because (some) American doctors are finally considering gluten intolerance and Celiac disease as a culprit for a host of maladies in children and adults such as indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, mouth sores, failure to grow and thrive, inability to concentrate and mal-absorption. It can also cause…Read More

A working mom’s perspective on attachment parenting

I asked a friend of mine, Susan, who is one of the work-at-home mom bloggers behind 5 Minutes for Mom to share her thoughts on attachment parenting. Susan, her twin sister and their mother together own a pedal car store, a rocking horse store and a network of blogs. She has two little girls — a one year old and a three and a half year old. My first baby taught me about attachment parenting……Read More

The fun little pond rug I got for the kids room…

First off, fair disclosure: the rug I’m writing about was sent to me gratis by my friend Ed Shapiro who runs the attractive online children’s store Sensory When my kids were quite young, they each enjoyed playing with small toys in a constrained area of their own making. Whether it was a corner behind the couch, a “fort” made of towels or blankets thrown over chairs and other objects, or even somewhere in the…Read More

What’s with streamers being thrown at MLS soccer games?

My son and I had a rare evening to ourselves tonight and flipped on Fox Soccer Channel to watch a US Major League Soccer (MLS) game between The New York Red Bulls and Real Salt Lake. The game was pretty good and the play was exciting but it’s the first time in watching a lot of soccer that I’ve ever seen streamers thrown on the playing field by fans and it sucked. I’m not a…Read More

Attachment parenting and Waldorf school helps keep your kids slim?

Among the waves of email I get from my blogging efforts are some that are targeted to this parenting / daddy blog, which is definitely cool. In fact, sometimes the messages are from vendors or PR agencies who are hoping that I’ll write about their product or service. Some are cool (I have some samples of a new product from the company that makes Emergen-C, for example, coming in the mail) but some, like this…Read More

What will Halloween look like in twenty years?

I know, I know, this is going to be a bit of a rant. Hey, it’s my blog and you’ve been warned. 🙂 I remember when I was a kid our Halloween costumes tended to be more improvised than purchased at the local Halloween costume store and the entire holiday had a rather underground “harvest festival” sort of feel to it, with benign scares and very little that was truly frightening. That picture on the…Read More

How you can really help eradicate global poverty

Today is Blog Action Day with a focus on poverty, but I have to admit right up front that I’m not a big fan of these “action day” events because they mostly feel like a way to alleviate guilt rather than an avenue to really help anyone. I think having hundreds of people write about the same topic on the same day is just overwhelming, not particularly effective. Nonetheless, since there are lots of bloggers…Read More

My son gets his tonsils removed, and it’s a success!

Today was a momentous day in my son’s life: he went under the knife and got both his tonsils and adenoids removed. Why? Because his tonsils had become infected and swollen and a source of infection in his body, making him have a never-ending level of ill health. Me, I also had my tonsils removed when I was 8, and have almost no memories of it other than how cool it was to be in…Read More

Review: Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles LOVE, Las Vegas

While attending Blogworld Expo last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had a wonderful Twitter experience that resulted in my friend Klaus and I being given free tickets to see the hottest show on the Las Vegas strip: Cirque du Soleil The Beatles LOVE. I’m going to go into the show in depth, but let me start by giving you a one word summary: fabulous! Having said that, let me also say that prior to…Read More

I don’t want to meet Candace Bushnell’s Sex And The City women as teens

I bumped into this article a few days ago: Sex and the City’ gets teen spin in and have been thinking about it every since. Now, I’m a guy, but I want to say that, at least in the first season or two, I thought that HBO’s Sex and the City was edgy, funny as heck and sexy. Linda and I both enjoyed watching it and were occasionally shocked by what they addresses but…Read More

How did my 4yo learn how to do this stuff?

Maybe this is just me being a proud papa or something, but I’m pretty blown away by what my 4yo has been doing lately. I know that younger siblings tend to learn faster because of the influence of their older siblings, but still… Today while we were driving around, K-, my 4yo, wanted to write a letter to a little pal of hers. So she took a pad of paper and a pen and, as…Read More

My visit to the Democratic National Convention in Denver

Since it was just a few miles down the road, I took the afternoon off and went with a good friend to the Democratic National Convention in downtown Denver, Colorado. We didn’t have any sort of pass or ticket to get into any events, but we figured, ah, what the heck, let’s see what we can see. And see we did… The following are the pictures I took on our afternoon of wandering around, starting…Read More

How to ensure safety while letting my daughter get her own email address?

The tempest has come home: my 11yo daughter A- has begun communicating via email with her out of state cousin. Nothing amazingly new, except we’ve kept our children off the computer completely so it is a brave new world. To date, email from the cousin is sent to Linda, who then shows it to A-, who then uses Linda’s account to compose a response or new message. Alright, I say begrudgingly, maybe, just maybe it’s…Read More

When you need to keep track of your nursing schedule

A few days ago, I was surprised and intrigued to see an application show up at the Apple iPhone Application Store that helped women keep track of when they were nursing their baby. I communicated with the program author and found out that it was actually a team: a woman who had the need for the application and a man who actually wrote the program itself. A bit of discussion and I ended up with…Read More

Why do people divorce, and how can you heal from a divorce?

I recently had a chance to interview Jeannine Lee, facilitator for Fisher Rebuilding divorce recovery seminars, about divorce and why the workshop can be so valuable for people who are getting a divorce or already divorced. Fair disclosure: I have gone through this course myself and am now a volunteer for the Fisher Rebuilding Divorce Recovery Seminars. This article is long, but I think it’s well worth reading. Q: Based on my own personal experience,…Read More