Better, more restful sleep? Breathe Right = sleep in

Never one to shy away from testing and experimenting, I was intrigued by the Breathe Right strips and when I learned they were introducing a lavender scented strip I was ready to give it a try for a few days and see how it would affect my sleep. Their slogan caught my attention: Breathe Right, Sleep In. Sleep in! An unimaginable luxury as a single parent. To set the stage, I tend to go to…Read More

Sexist T-Shirts are a Sign of a Healthy Culture

The latest brouhaha on the Interwebs is about the fact that retailers are selling t-shirts and onesies for children that are >>gasp<< sexist in nature. Let’s start right out with the most offensive of them, the pajamas that Target has for sale at one of their stores up in Canada: They’re not really for rocket scientists — or their children — I’d think, but really, it’s not a horrible thing to have a sense of humor….Read More

Fatherhood bonus vs. Motherhood penalty?

Claire Cain Miller writes in the New York Times about The Motherhood Penalty vs. the Fatherhood Bonus, summarizing the data that “A child helps your career if you’re a man”. There’s a part of me that bristles at this entire discussion when she says “one of the worst career moves a woman can make is to have children” while “for men… having a child is good for their careers”. But another part of me realizes…Read More

Back Off, Helicopter Mom!

I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop a few days ago and couldn’t help witness the parenting drama play out in front of me, the extraordinarily overt demonstration of what is popularly called “helicopter parenting”. Let me start with a photo I took (and then blurred out the faces for privacy) so you can see how things were set up: On the left side you can see a tween boy working on a small dry…Read More

How Parenting is like the Apollo 11 Mission

Today, July 20, is the anniversary of one of the most amazing accomplishments that mankind has achieved in the entire history of humanity: on this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped foot on the moon. But there were three people on this particular Apollo mission, as there were on all Apollo missions: Mike Collins, orbiting the moon in the command module Columbia and ensuring their safe return back to planet Earth, is…Read More

Kids make you cheat on your spouse?

I was reading through a review of the film Sex Tape by my friend Christian when I was startled by the research he cites from NBC’s The Today Show and Melissa Lavigne-Delville about couples and the incidence of (self-reported) cheating on their spouse based on whether they had children or not. Knowing that having children puts an extraordinary stress on relationships, it’s no surprise that married couples with children are twice as likely to cheat on…Read More

To Light a Single Candle

There was a terrible accident this last weekend up in the canyons above Boulder, an accident that resulted in a 7th grader at my children’s school dying. Terrible. But I felt distant from the incident even though I knew the girl and her family. My children are in 8th and 4th, not in the same class and this is the very last week of school so the energy is very much looking forward to summer. Emails…Read More

Is Mothering Learned or Instinctive?

I was reading one of my many news sources this morning, the Boulder Daily Camera, and found a fun story about how a mating pair of clouded leopards at the Denver Zoo have produced some cubs, tiny baby clouded leopards two weeks old the day I write this article. The pics are super cute, as you can see, and they’re the first clouded leopard cubs to have been born at our zoo, which is good…Read More

My Children are all Readers, and It’s a Blessing

I grew up on books. When I was in high school, I even volunteered at the local public library when I wasn’t working (I didn’t spend much time on schoolwork, truth be told). They didn’t have any budget to pay me, but as the person who unpacked the boxes from the publishers, working at the library gave me first dibs on incoming titles, which was terrific. My Dad’s a voracious reader too, often a book…Read More

Do siblings have to fight all the time?

I’ve been taking care of just my younger two for the last three weeks — G-, who is almost 14, and K-, who is 10 — and it’s been interesting to watch. Usually their bigger sister (who is 17) acts as the buffer, the peacemaker, the one who helps things move along smoothly when their rough edges would otherwise be causing contention. But with her gone, I’ve been impressed with how well the younger two…Read More

Why we shouldn’t ban “bossy” and other language games

Over on Facebook I’m being barraged by postings about how we should stop using the word “bossy” because it’s, I dunno, presumably belittling of girls with certain personality traits. I even got a press release about how the campaign was started by Sheryl Sandberg and how it’s so damaging to girls. A direct quote: “How will the Ban Bossy campaign help eradicate gender inequality? We believe so deeply that these cultural problems change by the…Read More

Dads in Films: “The Croods”

I know, I know, I have a film blog — Dave On Film — where I review movies, but every once in a proverbial blue moon I actually see a film where the father role is interesting or realistic, instead of us dads being perpetually portrayed as buffoons or the extra child in the family dynamic. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate that and how I hate that it’s just accepted in society…Read More

How Technology is Changing Personal Finance

I was recently interviewed by the team at about my views on finances, money and how technology will change our perception of everything in this realm. Here’s the link:  Dave Taylor on How Technology is Changing Money Oh, and to whet your appetite, here’s one of the Q&A’s there: Do you think that banking apps are the real future of banking? How do you think these apps will change things in the next decade?…Read More

A Discussion on The Diversity of Fatherhood

We Dads are all the same, right? I mean, there’s not much diversity between us, we all have a wife who does much of the work of parenting while we work, hang out with our mates and watch football. Occasionally we interact with our spawn, but begrudge the experience. No? That seems to the prevalent view of TV script writers and commercial producers, at least. But it’s completely false. For every guy like that, there…Read More

Kids, Holidays and Sleep Schedules

I might quality as The Grinch for this one, but if there’s one thing that drives me crazy during vacations it’s when my children get so far off on their sleep schedule that they’re staying up until 11pm or midnight and then sleeping in until 10am or later. When they’re home from college, maybe, but tweens or teens sleeping in until 10am or later? I can’t condone that. As a result, my strategy to keep…Read More