Sleepovers: our place or theirs?

Had an interesting experience last weekend with my 13yo daughter, A-. All day she’d been talking about having her pal over to our place for a sleepover, and her friend had joined us for the day’s activities (she’s a delightful addition to the family and always welcome). Late afternoon we talked about how we were one bed mattress short for things to work: We have three mattresses and one air mattress but adding her would…Read More

Standards of Positive Sportsmanship

My 12yo A- is now part of the school volleyball team, which is awesome. What’s not so awesome, however, is that there are apparently a lot of parents who have no idea how to be supportive of their children in competitive sports and we get to live with these idiots at almost every game. Our coach sent out an email message about his rules for positive sportsmanship and suggested conduct at a game, and with…Read More

Win some free Bach “Daydream Remedy”

I’ve been parenting, non-stop, for almost thirteen years now, first with one, then two, and now three wee folk who live emotionally complex lives in their little bodies. It’s been a challenge because Linda and I have always tried to minimize the allopathic drugs we’ve used and continued to try alternative remedies. One of my mainstays has always been “Rescue Remedy”, whether it’s for myself, to chill out or smooth out an emotional wave, or…Read More

Riding out the waves of a bad mood…

I imagine I’m not alone in having children who seem to have waves of emotions flowing through them, sometimes without any external events triggering the change from one emotional state to another? If your kid suddenly gets gloomy or mad, then a few minutes later is all sunny and happy again, seemingly without anything causing the change, you know what I mean.Read More

How do you deal with aging, sick dogs?

We’re a bit stuck on this issue so I’m turning to the blogosphere for advice: we have two old dogs that we’ve had for many, many years, since we got them as 10 week old puppies from a breeder. They’re both standard poodles, smart, funny dogs, but they’re also both old now, about 13 or so. The problem is that their health is failing. One of them is basically blind and half-deaf, has arthritis and…Read More