Save Your Sanity Applying for College Scholarships…

If you’re the parent of a high school senior this year, you likely have a freight train of soul-crushing bureaucratic busy-work heading your way, something that’ll test your patience and demonstrate just how much your child really likes you. It’s two words that fills the heart of every parent of older children with dread: College Applications. Indeed, if Dante were to revise The Inferno I’m convinced that he’d add a new circle, bureaucratic paperwork. You know what I mean,…Read More

Simplify Back to School with

I’m in a bit of a time warp because my youngest doesn’t start school for another week, while my older two are doing year round school now so haven’t really had a summer vacation to come back from. Still, it’s hard to ignore all the signs and I know that there are a lot of you that are breathing a sigh of relief that it is indeed back to school season. Finally. 🙂 After three…Read More

Our End Of School Gala Weekend!

School let out for my children on Friday! Well, let’s have a slightly closer look at that statement, because actually, two of my three school-age children weren’t in school, per se, that day so the end of school was a bit more fuzzy. A-, my oldest at 18, is in an online school and she’s close, but not quite done with 12th grade. G-, my 15yo son, is taking a bit of a break from school…Read More

How You can Be a Learning Hero

It’s a dilemma that every one of us in education is quite aware of: how do you measure success? Not just with an individual student, but across a class, a school, a city, even a state? I’m not a huge fan of standardized testing, but the reality is that it’s the best way to have a consistent yardstick to measure children across region, culture and socio-economic status. Done well, it can sidestep language, gender, sexual orientation, religion and…Read More

My talk with a room full of teachers about cyber-bullying and online privacy

Sounds a bit like the beginning of a joke: A guy walks into a room full of teachers to talk about the Internet, privacy and cyber-bullying… but it’s the furthest thing from a joke I can think of, actually. A few days ago I was invited by my children’s school to address the faculty on these very topics and as it’s something I’m very concerned about, I was happy to participate in the discussion. What…Read More

Smart College Alternative: Online with Western Governors University

I like college. In fact, I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from UCSD, a Masters in Education from Purdue University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business. You can glean that from my LinkedIn profile, but what few people know is that I earned my MBA through the Merrick online program, completing the first year while we were wrapping up our life in California and…Read More

Back to College Starts with Walmart’s Best Plans

If you’re a diligent reader of this blog, you’ll be saying “hey, wait a sec! your oldest is in 12th grade, not college! what the deuce are you talking about with back to college?” And you’d be spot on. I’m writing about the cheapest wireless plans, perfect for families — or students! — on a tight budget. The phone of choice: The slick Nokia Lumia 521, available at your local Walmart for a bargain $49.88….Read More

My daughter’s now on her Senior Solo

One nice thing about my children going to a private school is that the teachers have the leeway to do a lot of things that would be frowned upon, logistically impossible or a violation of policy in a public school. Heck, we’ve been at the school for so long that we’re are now used to celebrating offbeat saints and holidays too, including Santa Lucia, Saint George and Michaelmas, with special guest Saint Michael (of course!). You’ll…Read More

Back Off, Helicopter Mom!

I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop a few days ago and couldn’t help witness the parenting drama play out in front of me, the extraordinarily overt demonstration of what is popularly called “helicopter parenting”. Let me start with a photo I took (and then blurred out the faces for privacy) so you can see how things were set up: On the left side you can see a tween boy working on a small dry…Read More

Watching the slow motion train wreck…

There’s a certain point in parenting when you need to accept that you are no longer steering the rudder or controlling the prop and that the best you can hope for is that you’re still in the front of the ship in the navigator’s seat instead. “You’d do best to turn left here, cap’n, to avoid the reef” is about as good as it gets once your children hit their teens. I’ve always likened parenting…Read More

Back to School: Keeping Kids Active & Healthy

School is still a few weeks away and it’s beastly hot as August arrives, the hottest weeks of the year. In this heat, it’s easy to become a complete couch potato, fan on high, snacks piled on the table and the TV blaring away, consuming those spare neurons and wasting hours on end. But while that’s fun once in a while, day after day it’s a recipe for a really difficult transition to school starting…Read More

Of Solo Parenting Time and the Quadratic Formula

One of the greatest challenges with being a single parent to multiple children is finding the time to have solo, one on one time with each child. As they get older it’s possible that their own schedules enable some solo time by dint of the siblings being at other people’s houses, but it’s tricky with my three because while my youngest loves having friends over for sleepovers, at 10yo she still only sleeps if she’s with me or her…Read More

Got a Young Scientist In the House?

I was nerdy as a kid — no surprise there — but had no idea that there was a bigger picture than my family and my school. Still, I never entered the local science fair (if there even was one, I don’t recall ever hearing about it even though I was in the honors program for junior high and high school) and kinda wish one of my kids was growing up to be a science…Read More

The Morning After The Big Basketball Tourney

My son G-, 13yo, can’t seem to decide on a single sport. In the summer and autumn, it’s all about lacrosse, then when winter hits, he’s back to basketball as indoor sports seem a whole lot more pleasant when it’s 15F and windy outside. He’s played both competitively for years and we’ve been blessed to have good coaches who focus on winning, but also focus on the boys having fun and learning both sport fundamentals…Read More

GradSave Makes it Easier for Family to Contribute to 529 Accounts

I have three children eventually heading to college. My oldest, A-, just turned 17 and picking colleges and college life are constant topics of discussion, so managing the cost of college is always on my mind too, as you’d expect. Years ago I set up three 529 accounts and set up auto-deductions so that they’d grow regardless of how the stock market did. They’re not huge, but each should cover at least the first year…Read More