My Tween’s Cellphone Contract Agreement…

I really can remember years ago how I scoffed at people with cellphones, sneering that I’d never be tied down by a digital leash. Zoom forward to 2016 and how times have changed. I not only have the latest and greatest smartphone but have a smart watch on my wrist, and every person I know has a cell phone too. Except for one: My 12yo daughter. She’s just a few months away from turning 13,…Read More

Speed up your Windows PC with AVG

Your Windows PC is a complicated beast. Even if it’s just a humble little laptop, or it’s all running on a tablet, there are an extraordinarily large number of (digital) moving parts that mostly run completely invisibly in the background. These parts fill up over time and cause your PC to run extremely slowly or just act up as its memory fills up, Remember HAL’s memory banks in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Yeah, like that….Read More

Super Busy? Try Safeway Home Grocery Delivery…

Running a household, whether you’ve got a cozy little apartment, a so-called tiny house, or a sprawling multi-bedroom home can be time consuming. And there are always chores to do. Vacuuming, dusting, yard work, laundry, grocery shopping, the list seems to never end, and it can be a drag. I know that personally I really hate laundry. There’s something about the effort versus how quickly clothes just get dirty that’s most frustrating! For a lot…Read More

Wearsafe: Safety Insurance for my College Freshman

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wearsafe for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I try my best not to be a helicopter parent, but my oldest daughter is heading to her first year of college at a university 1000 miles away and while I trust her and am confident in her judgment and caution, I’m anxious nonetheless. It’s not even that I think colleges are full of dangerous boys,…Read More

The Latest (Annoying) Obsession: Pokemon Go

There’s a lot about technology that I love, not the least of which is that it lets me earn a living without having to be chained to a cubicle for work or tethered to my couch to watch a favorite movie or TV show. Heck, I’m a gamer too, though my tastes have always run more to board games and interactive social gaming than the typically solo occupation of video or computer gaming. Of course, if I’d…Read More

It’s Lonely to Hang Out with Smartphone Addicts

I’m a huge fan of technology and have been writing about and a part of the consumer electronics industry since way before even the crudest of cellphones were on the scene. The rise of cellular data networks and wifi everywhere is phenomenal and enables some marvelous things. Heck, I have an Apple Watch on my wrist and an iPhone in my pocket just about all the time. But that’s the thing. It’s in my pocket….Read More

Everyday Carry Pocket Knives: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve carried a humble little pocket knife for a long time and when my Dad gave me his no-name blade, I then carried that one for many years until I recently lost it. A sad day, actually, but life happens. The good news is that it opened me up to considering what I’d want in a replacement blade and after much research, I identified what I believe are the essential features of what the industry calls…Read More

Prime Techie Car Accessories: Escort Max 360 + JumPack

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Escort Radar for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I can remember the station wagon we had when I was a kid, with its bench seats and not much else. Pop open the hood and there was an engine. Just an engine. Nowadays cars have a dozen computers and so much tech that the engine compartment is solid and you can’t even see the…Read More

Cool New Shades: my Native Crestone Sunglasses…

I’m always on the lookout for great sunglasses because I spend so much time outdoors. And Colorado is blessed with a lotta sunshine. In fact, one of the marketing bullet points of my home town of Boulder, Colorado is that we have “over 300 days of sunshine per year” and it’s true, we really do have a lot of bright, sunny days! Which means that having good eye protection is not only smart from a…Read More

Real Friends, Virtual Hanging Out with FaceTime

It’s fascinating to see how the digital generation is embracing technology and integrating it into their lives in a way that sometimes is illogical to me. But to someone who has grown up with wi-fi, handheld devices, and a very different sense of privacy than my generation, children are all too willing to have their devices and network access become ubiquitous, with nary a concern about the down side or a sense of loss over what…Read More

Sportin’ some cool new shades from Aspire…

Lacking a proper office and 9-5 job, I’m a guy who is always on the move, whether it’s driving to meetings, heading to the gym, or just enjoying the beautiful outdoor setting of my home town of Boulder, Colorado. With our trademark 300 days of sunshine a year, one of the most critical ingredients to success in Colorado are good sunglasses, without which you’re destined to suffer from eyestrain, headaches, and general crankiness. It’s not…Read More

My review of the Crane 27″ Slate Ceramic Tower Heater

My 12yo daughter K- generally falls asleep in a cold room and there’s not much I can do about it since she’s the very furthest room from the furnace, up at the top of the house while HVAC system is neatly tucked into a room in the basement. It’s a pretty common architectural design and a common problem that the kids rooms end up furthest away and least able to be warmed up in the winter (or cooled down…Read More

Unlimited Data + Movies: Walmart Family Mobile Plus

Heads up: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine and mine alone. #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias My 12yo daughter has been lobbying for her own smartphone since before she was born, as far as I can recall. Maybe that’s not quite accurate, but it’s a sure bet that with siblings 4 and 7 years older than her, K- has been surrounded by older kids with cool tech since…Read More

Pushless Robo-Stroller? Meet the Smartbe!

It’s been rather a while since I had to push a stroller with my youngest just rolling over on her odometer to 12 years old, and we tended to carry our babies more than we pushed them in strollers (you know, that whole attachment parenting thing of baby wearing) but still, while strollers are helpful for storing things and when the little one’s asleep, there are definitely times when pushing is, well, work and a…Read More

Hello Barbie And the Internet of Things

Few toys produced as much controversy last month as the new Hello Barbie from Mattel, released just a few months ago for the Christmas buying season. Since I’m a tech person and a dad, I pay close attention to the intersection of technology and play, both in my own life and for children. And the hullabaloo over Hello Barbie is really fascinating to watch as it comes more from fear and distrust of tech than from…Read More