A Few Thousand Text Messages Later…

My 19yo daughter and I have somewhat of a running argument about cellphone usage. She’s in a long-term and long-distance relationship with a boy who’s across the country, so of course they rely on modern communication to stay in touch. But just like most children of her generation, she’s rarely without her ubiquitous iPhone in her hand, texting and using the device seemingly at every turn. We discuss it, we talk about healthy boundaries, we…Read More

Children sleep poorly with cellphones present

As a parent, sometimes you bump into research about children, childhood or parenting that’s so incredibly obvious that it’s hard to imagine that the research group was able to even obtain funding. You know, like research that shows the link between sugar and hyperactivity, or research about how a toxic environment has a toll on the emotional development of a child. The latest in this line is a research study from the journal Pediatrics entitled…Read More

Teen Girls Still Prefer Beauty over Smarts

I’ve been playing around with the slick mobile voting application Wishbone on my iPhone ever since my 11yo turned me on to it. It’s incredibly simple: users are presented with A/B choices and tap to vote on which they prefer. Every 7-8 votes, you’re forced to watch a banal streaming video advertisement, almost always a mobile app aimed at teen girls and related to fashion, hairstyles or virtual high school experiences. Still, advertising aside, it’s…Read More

Who do teen girls prefer, mom or dad?

Ah the harsh voice of the populace. While writing an article about the popular teen voting app Wishbone, I couldn’t help but be curious about the results of a user-submitted question mom or dad? Here are the results: Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised since the user population for Wishbone are primarily teen girls. Maybe I should be impressed that almost 30% of the respondents picked dad at all. But I’m disappointed. We dads are fighting…Read More

Project Runway Jr? My daughter starts reinventing clothes…

My youngest has the craft bug, just like my sister does. Her school can take a lot of the credit since they do lots of hands-on crafts, including sewing, knitting, crochet and more, but K- has definitely continued down the road to a level of proficiency beyond what her peers in class have attained. Ever since Singer kindly sent her a terrific Stylist sewing machine, her projects have slowly become more complicated as her confidence…Read More

Devices and Summer Vacation, 2015 Edition

As a kid, I loved summer vacation. A break from school, who wouldn’t enjoy the chance to lay around, hang out with friends, hustle up some money making enterprise (door-to-door car waxing or bike repair, anyone?) and find ways to fill the time. Catch up on favorite authors? Yeah, that too. Modern children fill up all their available time with electronics, however, and not only is there a lot of data to show that’s not…Read More

Online Safety and Cell Phones

I’ve written about online safety plenty of times, posted videos of me talking about this subject at a local high school, and even led discussions at parenting groups on the subject. There are a couple of problems with the topic, though, one of which is that each parent has a different perspective on how safe or unsafe the online world is for their children. The bigger problem, though, is that our devices keep becoming more…Read More

Fun at the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition

It’s been a busy weekend, but I made sure to find time to pop by the headquarters of robotics startup and tinker headquarters SparkFun in Niwot, Colorado for the seventh annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition, or AVC. The main attraction is a competition open to the public to create autonomous model cars that can successfully navigate the company’s parking lot and make it to the finish line. This is nowhere near as easy as it sounds…Read More

Save on your cellphone and phone plan at Safeway

When you think of going to Safeway or another supermarket, you probably think about a quart of milk, some eggs and maybe a watermelon or some apples. But modern supermarkets are, well, super markets, and my local Safeway has a rather amazing range of products, far more than just produce and groceries. Today we popped in and got batteries, boutique iced coffee from a local company, a hot chai from the in-store Starbucks, and nail…Read More

My daughter’s Singer Stylist sewing machine

My children have all gone to Waldorf-inspired schools which has been overall a really good thing and helped them all be into crafts and projects, though less so as they’ve grown older. Painting, felting, knitting, crocheting, sculpting, if it’s a craft project, they’ve probably done it at school and have been mostly eager to continue at home. Which means that, yes, we have a lot of paints, pens, brushes, yarn, fabric, and much more. It’s…Read More

My Children’s New Crizal-Lens Glasses

Both of my younger children are supposed to wear reading glasses for close-up work, whether it’s actually sitting and digesting a book or whether it’s arts, crafts or even computer work. Problem is, while both my son and daughter have their prescription glasses, I rarely if ever see them wear them, to the point where I sometimes forget that they have glasses and that I should encourage them to wear ’em to avoid eye fatigue…Read More

Got Opinions? Get paid for ’em with ProOpinion.com

As a father, I’m officially anointed as The One With Lots of Opinions, so when an opportunity comes along to join a new Web site and make a few bucks off those opinions, I’m all ears. Well, all opinions. Or opinions about my ears. Or something like that! The site in question is ProOpinion and it’s pretty darn interesting because in addition to what appear to be merchant-directed surveys, the site also does lots and…Read More

Your Young Scientist Should Enter This Competition!

Every time I hear about science and math, it’s something about how we have a crisis, about how girls aren’t encouraged to embrace so-called “STEM” courses, about how other countries are in the lead, about the “brain drain”, etc. Fortunately there are a lot of really bright kids who are already doing great science and helping lead us into the future. It’s a great thing to celebrate their accomplishments and use them to motivate other children…Read More

Expanding the Hot Wheels Brand with Speedometry

A few months ago in San Francisco I had the chance to learn about a really fascinating program that the savvy team at Mattel’s Hot Wheels division recently launched: Speedometry. I remember Hot Wheels from when I was a kid with the ubiquitous orange slot-together track and the crazy cool car designs. But like so many toy brands, the challenge is for Hot Wheels to keep up with all the amazing hi-tech toys that are…Read More

Why I Really Like my Microsoft Band

I don’t usually write about tech here on GoFatherhood since I have AskDaveTaylor to cover all my tech and gadget needs, but as a father one of the things I am constantly trying to balance is my love affair with technology and devices and my desire to not just model good behavior in terms of device/life balance, but also pay attention to my children when I’m with them too. If you’re more familiar with the…Read More