What is Attachment Parenting?

After all these years of writing about attachment parenting on this Web site, it dawned on me a few days ago that we’ve never actually defined the phrase “attachment parenting”. This point was reinforced when a new friend of mine commented that he’d read through the articles on this site, but that he still didn’t really get what attachment parenting actually was, even though he agreed completely on what it appeared we were using as…Read More

Why can’t we buy or sell a used carseat?

We have lots of carseats in our household, the inevitable result of having three little kids who have overlapped carseat needs at different times. I look at the ones we don’t need any more, and they’re basically in perfect condition. A bit dirty, but structurally they’re perfect. So why can’t we buy or sell them legally? Maybe it’s just an oft-repeated myth that’s become accepted as law, but when we talk to local charities about…Read More

An Ethical Dilemma: Someone in your school is a registered sex offender?

I was talking with a friend from Florida about schools and he shared a dilemma he’s facing, one that he really doesn’t know what to do about. I suggested that we could cast it out to the net and see what others thought. Here’s the situation: while poking around one evening he went on to the National Sex Offender Public Registry and found someone who is a fellow parent at his school. He was so…Read More

FTC touts kids see fewer TV ads selling food, but the study is predictably bogus

In a wonderful example of an overly myopic study result, the U. S. Federal Trade Commission announced that, hurray, kids see a lot fewer food ads on TV nowadays than they used to twenty years ago. In 1977, the typical kid saw more than 18 food advertisements each day, while today they are only exposed to 13. This announcement comes from a two-day government sponsored workshop exploring the effect of kids’ marketing on obesity and…Read More

I’m proud of my sister’s beautiful art!

I just had to share this: My sister, who blogs at art dolls.info, has been working on merging dollmaking with soft sculpture, with remarkable results. Her work has appeared in books, magazines, she’s been in art galleries, and now she’s the featured doll artist of the month at Doll Street Dreamers Please take a minute and check out her art: Doll Artist of the Month, then find out how she makes her dolls (and give…Read More

Avoiding work at home scams

We don’t usually write about issues surrounding paying for the attachment parenting lifestyle or career choices, work at home options, etc., but I was reading an article at SF Gate about the dangers of leaving your resume online and it dawned on me that one of the scams they mention might well be something that well-meaning AP parents might fall into. At this point, we’re all familiar with the fact that bad guys are constantly…Read More

Bras designed for girls growing up fast

This Reuters story is pretty interesting reading. I can only wonder how long it’ll be before there are brands like Nick at Night Lingerie and MTV Hottie Gear and similar, but for now, it’s Sara Lee, of all companies, that appears to be leading in this, um, blossoming new market segment… NEW YORK (Reuters) – As parents lament that children grow up too quickly, lingerie companies are spotting an opportunity to market bras especially for…Read More

Babies have personalities!

We have a 15 month old and one thing that never fails to amaze me, as it has with our previous children, is how frequently people are surprised that our baby has a personality, senses of humor, and the ability to engage and play with people. Our baby K- runs around playing hide and seek, mimics behaviors with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, and has facial gestures that make it darn clear that she’s…Read More

Those darn too long days of summer

I don’t know if we should travel so we can follow the short days throughout the globe, but I need to keep reminding myself that summer equinox is supposed to be a great time of year, where all the sunshine restores us and sweeps away the last cobwebs of winter. Right? Yeah, well, when it doesn’t even get to be dusk until 9pm, we’re having a hard time remembering that the summer schedule for kids…Read More

Breast is still best, even if it’s Dad’s??

This is a darn interesting, and, yes, amusing article perfectly timed for Father’s Day, from the UK-based Times Online… BREAST IS STILL BEST, EVEN IF IT IS DAD’S By Alexandra Frean Times Online June 13, 2005 A man’s nipples are perfectly suited to soothing a crying baby until it can be fed, according to a report on fatherhood. It names the Aka Pygmies, a hunter-gatherer tribe from the northern Congo, as the best fathers. When…Read More

Travel tips for families this summer

Bumped into this nice, helpful article… Travel Tips for Parents Another summer is fast approaching and families are once again looking at travel opportunities. Whether it is visiting grandparents, playing the tourist, or even taking your family along on business, traveling with the family is not the same experience as traveling alone. Here are some simple tips to keep everyone smiling during your summer excursions.Read More

How Computers Make Our Kids Stupid

This is a bit more strong and alarmist than I personally view the situation, but it’s still a darn interesting article from Macleans Magazine: How computers make our kids stupid by Sue Ferguson There’s growing evidence that too much cyber-time dumbs down our children The first thing you notice opening the door to Les Black’s classroom is the smell. It’s a dank, earthy aroma from a dozen planters perched on shelves or suspended from the…Read More

Why parents associate summer with spending

Just in case you haven’t realized “how things work” with parenting and the media, I note that the following crossed my desk this morning, from Kids Tips Magazine by way of Media Map: Media Outlet: — Kid Tips Magazine Circulation/Reach: — National Weekly Medium: — Television Industry: — Technology Subject: — Kids in the Summer OutdoorsRead More

Dave’s secret trick for calming a hysterical child

Tonight’s bedtime was about as bad as it gets. My parents are visiting from out of town, so we had unusual disruptions from the routine, but more importantly, A-, our 8yo, has terrible allergies this time of year, so she was sneezy, sniffly and generally cranky and miserable this evening. Usually we try to get the kids into bed, lights off, by 7.30, the latest, but tonight we didn’t get to bed until about 8.20…Read More

Sometimes being right is far less important than just having fun

I admit it, sometimes I feel like I’m so caught up in trying to be a good, consistent father, always able to look at what I’m doing and relate it to some good parenting strategy or another that I forget to just have fun and relax. Today was a perfect example of this inanity. We’d spent the day at a friend’s house, lots of fun, but my 8yo daughter A- was highly disappointed that the…Read More

Warning: Never let your baby play with the phone!

What are the odds, I ask you! Our 1 1/2 year old baby K- somehow got ahold of the portable phone this evening and before we could retrieve it, she’d dialed 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Which just so happens triggers the emergency system here in Colorado. Linda hung the phone up immediately and told me “the baby just dialed 911 but I hung up before it connected” Ah, well,…Read More

Parenting as talking to a brick wall?

I think that the more conscious you are as a parent, the more frustrating situations become when you can just see that things aren’t working, your standard tricks aren’t fixing the problem and it’s all devolving and degrading before your eyes. For me, there’s no situation that pushes me over the edge more than when my kids just plain aren’t listening, but it’s remarkable to me how often talking to your children is eerily akin…Read More

Another of those “only a parent would laugh” moments

This evening I was fielding all three of our kids, 8, 5 and 1, while Linda was out having sushi with some friends. I whipped up some pot stickers, turkey rollups and french fries (yes, I was cooking for little kids: they loved it) and we ate at the kitchen counter, as we always do when Mom’s away. Dinner was going well – though K-, our 1yo, didn’t last long before she started playing the…Read More