Can’t get your baby immobilized at night? Now there’s a solution

I’m really appalled at a Web site I’ve just visited, for a company called Safe T Sleep. Check it out for yourself: they’re selling a baby straitjacket. No kidding. A device that you wrap around your mattress and then around the midsection of a baby (age 0-3, they say) and they’re then immobilized. If you can handle it, they even have a movie of how the product is used… This has got to be the…Read More

Google likes Shining Light Books

I’m happy to share that Linda and I have been working on an online Waldorf bookstore called Shining Light Books and Google’s not only seen it, but we’re the #1 match for the search “waldorf books”. That’s great, because once we get everything built and our final design in place, our intent is to share a percentage of our profits with one or more Waldorf organizations, starting with AWSNA, the Association of Waldorf Schools of…Read More

Dealing with irrational fears

The addition of a new baby to the family has proven interesting. For the first two weeks, while Mom was in bed recovering with the tiny one, everything went smoothly. The last week, however, Linda has been up and about, much more involved in the day-to-day of our family life. And our daughter A- has had a really hard time with it. Not directly, however. She’s thrilled with the baby, eager for maximal Mom time,…Read More

New Babies and Baby Names

Well, the big news in our household is… it’s a girl!. We had our third homebirth – in a birthing tub this time around – it went swimmingly, and she’s a healthy 7lb, 6oz newborn, cute as a button, but no name yet… And after being unimpressed with the baby name Web sites on the net, I built a new one for us to use as we explore almost 10,000 different names, and you’re certainly…Read More

Things really do unfold when it’s time

Two weeks ago we had both kids sleeping on the floor in our bedroom, having gradually moved from family bed to “family bedroom”. That was nice, but as part of our whirlwind of home improvements, we repainted and bought all new furniture for both our kids, G- (3 1/2) and A- (7). The night we put it all together, the two of them slept – for the first time – in A’s room. And oh,…Read More

Safe Surfing for Your Children

One of the most insidious problems on the Internet today is the same thing that makes it a remarkable and fascinating place: it’s completely egalitarian and everyone has a voice. Everyone, including lots of people that I want to protect my children from encountering. And that, of course, brings up the topic of online pornography: whether or not you think it should be online, and whether or not it’s legal, it’s quite likely something you…Read More

The Ebbs and Flows of Attachment Parenting

As the days get shorter we are starting to really see a change in both of our children, a change for the better. A- just turned 7 a few days ago and is acting more and more like a young lady (and part-time comedian), and G-, who has been so difficult at times in the last few months, is really starting to mellow out and become a much more enjoyable companion. Linda actually took them…Read More

Sometimes you get a brief glimpse of what will be…

This morning, my daughter A- (almost 7) and son G- (3 1/2) were sitting in the kitchen preparing to eat waffles for breakfast. In our house, rather than syrup, we tend to put a nut butter on the waffles, so this morning it was almond butter. Except A- couldn’t open the jar. She handed it to her brother and asked him to help out and… he opened it for her. A glimpse of the future,…Read More

Funny Waldorf Lightbulb Jokes

Q.  How many anthroposophists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A.   I don’t know.  Steiner never gave an indication. Q.  How many Waldorf teachers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A.   Seven: One to read the verse, one to light the candle, one to sound the chime,  one to compose the request to the administrator, two to review the request to the administrator, and one to lead the closing song….Read More

Australian debate on breastfeeding

As if there aren’t more important things to worry about in the modern world, apparently a newswoman had the temerity to breastfeed her newborn baby while on television, and now Australia is embroiled in a great discussion on the matter. You can learn more about it at the BBC World Service, where they’ve an article appropriately entitled Australian breastfeeds live on TV. The only good thing is that because they’re Aussies, the people against the…Read More

Scary bike accident, resilient children

Riding home from dropping A- off at school this morning, G- and I were biking along quite happily when he suddenly and without warning stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. I was riding along closely and smacked into the back of his bike, to my horror. His bike was pushed out from under him and he flipped backwards over his bike, ending up tangled in the bike and quite shocked by the sudden turn…Read More

A week of firsts…

This is an exciting week for us. G-, our 3yo, started preschool this week, an in-house Waldorf-inspired program from a teacher who lives just around the corner. It’s only two days a week, but that’s alright, we can start slowly. He’s been doing really great and I can’t help remembering how when A- (who is now 6) went into preschool one of us needed to be physically on school property for almost that entire first…Read More

Attachment Parenting Thought for the week

James Twyman is a fascinating fellow who has been spending years looking at what he calls “Indigo Children”, and now they’re making a film about these extraordinary children called Indigo. One of the young actresses in the film, Angelina Marie Hess, who plays five-year-old Grace, recently shared the following question with James: “Do you know that God loves you no matter what choice you make, because if you really, really knew that God loves you,…Read More

The Joy of Consistency

We’ve been having a pretty hard time with the little guy, G- (3), with his kicking, hitting, and general bursts of explosive energy when things are going just how he wants (or when he’s tired). Our strategies over the last month or two haven’t worked at all, though, we’ve been mad sometimes, gentle and loving sometimes, permissive, weak, you-name-it. It was driving us all crazy! About two weeks ago I’d had it with his craziness,…Read More