We attend an Open Enrollment high school tour…

When I went to school, life was uncomplicated: I went to the elementary school, then middle school, then high school based purely on where we lived. I was basically unaware of the other schools in our district other than some minimal rivalry between us in football which I didn’t give a plugged nickel about. This all worked fine because we lived in nice suburban areas in Southern California so I went to safe, well-staffed schools…Read More

Critical Co-Parenting Skill #7: Stay Out Of It

I know, the very first question you have is “dude, what are the first six skills I need to know to do well at the co-parenting thing?” but my answer is, like a Zen master, they will reveal themselves when you need them. Which is to say, I dunno. 🙂 One of the most challenging things about parenting, whether you’re divorced, married or even flying pretty much solo, is triangulation. You know it’s happening when your…Read More

Cut The Nighttime Glare With Night Drivers

Disclosure:This post was sponsored by Night Drivers as part of an influencer activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are, however, my own. But you already knew that! I drive a lot. That’s not news given that I’m both a car reviewer and parent. Miles and miles, back and forth, taking the girl to school or heading to my own events or favorite venues. I can remember my Dad talking about his…Read More

Teens, Upset and Emotional Redirection

Having a 13yo is always an adventure in parenting, as children this age are just hitting adolescence so they can be all over the place with their emotions. Heck, I’m pretty sure that they can have emotional responses to external stimuli that are completely random and a surprise even to them. Parents of teens know what I’m talking about, where there are tears and screaming over something as incredibly trivial as how much you filled…Read More

Chocolate With Benefits with Good Day Chocolate

One of the perks of being a pretty well-known blogger is that I get invited to lots of fun and interesting events. Last night was a great example: Local market Sprouts invited me to join a group of other bloggers (all women, I was the token guy) to meet the founder and CEO of Good Day Chocolate, and have some hands-on fun making chocolate with them. Chocolatiers? How could I have possibly said “no” to…Read More

On Road, Not Off, with the 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk

Sometimes the stars are in alignment or something and things happen in an eerie but oddly appropriate way. Like getting a bright orange vehicle to test drive on Halloween weekend, as I did when the startlingly orange 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk showed up in my driveway. Jeep calls this color “Spitfire Orange” for reasons that escape me, but whatever its official name, it’s hard not to grin at the cheery vehicle: It’s one of those…Read More

Zipping along in the 2018 Toyota C-HR

After a wave of luxury SUVs with $50,000 price tags, it was a breath of fresh air to have a week behind the wheel of a more modest budget crossover, the 2018 Toyota C-HR. It’s a little car – perhaps a bit too little for some families – and while it’s not powered by a big engine offering a performance drive, it’s still reasonably responsive and typically well designed and engineered by Toyota. There are…Read More

I Survive The All-Class Teen Halloween Party

“Hey Dad, can I invite my entire 8th grade class over for a party?” You wouldn’t think so much fear could be instilled with such a simple question, but parents who are willing to risk hosting social events know the resultant anxiety! Dozens of short people roaming unsupervised through your house, messing with things, tracking dirt on the carpet, spilling food and who knows what else. Should I warn the neighbors or check with the…Read More

Tackle the Great Outdoors with Otterbox Outdoor Gear

I’m not a survivalist but every so often it’s good to get some gear that will help you survive the coming apocalypse. If there is one. And even if not, hey, next tailgate party at the stadium parking lot or next hunting trip to the back woods, I’m ready to roll. Because I’m equipped with the gold standard for coolers and additional gear, thanks to OtterBox:The Venture rugged cooler setup. In fact, I received a…Read More

A Mediocre Experience Driving the 2018 Subaru Forester

Subaru is one of the car companies that I think has come the longest way in the last 20-30 years, transitioning from a low cost vehicle manufacturer that eschewed all comforts into a brand with vehicles ranging from entry level up to fancy sedans and sports cars. Living in Boulder, Colorado, it’s also impossible not to see Subaru vehicles on the road and in every parking lot: It sure seems like the Subaru Outback and…Read More

Tightening My Belt with Nutrisystem

Another week on Nutrisystem, and while I seem to have plateaued with actual weight loss on the scale – stuck at 270.x which puts me down about 20 pounds – I am exercising more and slimming up. To the point where my snug pants are falling down if I don’t cinch my belt up, which is, well, a bit awkward. I admit, I’m getting some diet fatigue and find that I am straying off menu…Read More

A Corn Maze Adventure at Anderson Farms

It’s an annual tradition in my family, heading out to Anderson Farms in Erie in October to enjoy a pumpkin patch and, of course, a huge corn maze. What’s a corn maze, you ask? Well, imagine you have a big field of corn that’s past its prime for the season. Acres upon acres of dried brown stalks that are 6-8 feet high. Now plow through it with a small bulldozer and you can make a walkable…Read More

Are You Drinking Enough Water Today?

One of the best things about being on Nutrisystem – other than that I’m slimming up and have lost about 20 pounds so far – is that it’s reminding me of a variety of healthy behaviors that I have a bad tendency to let slide on a day to day basis. Eat breakfast, have small, healthy snacks throughout the day so I’m not starving at dinner, and eat smaller portions, slowly are three that immediately…Read More

Dad’s Advice on Managing Expenses Related to your Car

My oldest has her own car, and I’m always interested in watching how she manages one of the least obvious, but most important parts of car ownership: all those darn ancillary expenses. Whether it’s gasoline, oil changes, new tires or general maintenance, I’m convinced that she hasn’t yet realized cars cost more than just the initial sticker price to drive it off the lot. Thing of it is, in our culture car ownership and driving…Read More

Mortals: Fallen Gods Battle Death in a Museum

You and your mates are Gods, but being a God in contemporary society isn’t what it was back in the heady days of yore and your powers are a bit less than they used to be. Turns out if people don’t believe, you don’t have quite the amazing abilities you remember from when you first came on the scene. Worse, Death is afoot and he’s ready to do some serious malevolent things to the world…Read More