Review: Robocop

Let me start right out with a surprise: I liked the new Robocop movie. I admit, I went into the theater expecting a dumb retread of a classic sci-fi film and was pleasantly surprised with director José Padilha’s take on half-man, half-robot Alex Murphy. Is it better than the original? Well, the 1987 film hasn’t aged gracefully and while I will forgive a lot because Peter Weller’s in the title role, there’s a lot of…Read More

Review: Sucker Punch

Imagine a building where one side is a dark, dreary insane asylum populated by sadistic guards, doctors and attractive female inmates, and the other side is a popular brothel and speakeasy. Sounds like the heart of a b-movie exploitation film and that’s what Sucker Punch, the new computer-graphics filled cinematic graphic novel from Zack Snyder, turns out to be. Unfortunately, the film is also painfully juvenile with a target audience of adolescent boys who define…Read More

Review: Limitless

There’s little worse for a film critic than watching a perfectly good idea for a movie be bungled in its adaptation to the big screen. Limitless falls into this category, however, with a brilliant concept that ends up so sloppy and poorly written that it made me want to open my laptop and start writing a new script. The story is based on Alan Glynn’s novel “The Dark Fields” about a drug that rewires your…Read More