Review: Gravity

I’m such a fan of what we science fiction fans call “hard sci-fi” that I’m the perfect audience for the new Alfonso Cuarón film Gravity. The trades had been abuzz for months with the camera techniques that were using during filming to create a true “zero gravity” effect and the IMAX 3D was supposed to be amazing. And yet, when I finally saw the film, I was bored. It’s not that the visuals aren’t amazing,…Read More

Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Six films into the Harry Potter series, it seems like Harry, Ron and Hermione are old friends and family members. Between the books and the films, it seems that they’ve been part of contemporary culture for decades, certainly in my household. Turning the books into films has been a tricky task, however, and each film has had its own distinctive personality. It’s no coincidence that a number of different directors have been involved too, from…Read More