Review: Fury

War is inherently cinematic. The stark comparison between good and bad, the grey areas of moral or amoral behavior, the stripping away of the thin veneer of civilization and civilized behavior, and the historical replay — or reinvention — of heinous situations. It’s no wonder that for any given war there are dozens if not hundreds of films. No war has been covered more thoroughly than World War II, however, with its deep and profound…Read More

Review: Europa Report

The problem with most space films is that they substitute drama for verisimilitude. Space exploration is characterized by long periods of nothingness followed by fractions of a second where things happen and, possibly, go awry. This doesn’t make for a great film, however, so directors have been adding drama by injecting aliens, mechanical failures, psycho crew and similar for decades. That’s one reason why I really enjoyed Europa Report, an indie sci-fi film that you’ve probably…Read More