Film Review: Westworld (1973)

Science fiction as a genre has always revolved around writers wrestling with cultural dilemmas, and few have been as compelling as robots. Are they going to obsolete humans? Is their dogged tenacity going to outstrip human potential? Are we going to be able to keep control? From horror tinged films like the chilling The Forbin Project to the more recent I, Robot to the apocryphal The Terminator series, robots are bad news for us humans….Read More

Review: Sabotage

Sabotage is a a horrible, bloody mess. As a critic, I always try to say something nice about a film but every so often I’m dumbfounded by how bad a movie is and marvel how it could have been green-lit by the studio in the first place. Sure, Sabotage has a solid cast with the former Governator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role as Breacher, the tough-as-nails (of course) leader of an elite DEA…Read More

Review: Terminator Salvation

I’ve written before about the Curse of the Sequel, and when you’re doing a fourth installment of what we modern film people call a “franchise”, it’s doubly difficult to have a film that’s interesting, engaging, and consistent with the mythos of the earlier movies. It can be done: the new Star Trek movie is an example of a great addition to a huge franchise. It can also be messed up, as was the case in…Read More