Review: Dracula Untold

While the popular mythology of vampires seems to be all sparkly and romantic (to wit, the banal Twilight series) the creatures themselves have a darker past, tapping into a mythic, archetypal fear of things that stir in the dark. Modern beliefs stem from 1890’s author Bram Stoker and his sensational book Dracula, but the myth is widely believed to have been based on the life of 15th Century nobleman Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia and…Read More

The Rich World of Hammer Horror Films

There’s nothing quite like drawing the curtains against the chilling wind, switching out all the lights and settling in to a really scary film at this time of year. Before Christmas cheer truly sets in to the nation’s psyche, a fantastic way to spend some time preparing for the holiday season is by discovering some new and forgotten horror films. If you’re fed up of the modern offerings, most of which seem to be more…Read More