Film Review: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

There are some film directors who have such a strong imprint on their films that regardless of the story, you know what kind of cinematic experience you’re in for when you walk in the theater. Michael Bay loves his explosions. Quentin Tarantino loves his ultra-violence (yes, with a nod to A Clockwork Orange). And Guy Ritchie? He loves his style. His oeuvre encompasses some of the coolest, most visually striking films in the last decade, including…Read More

Review: Pacific Rim

It’s Transformers meets Godzilla. Or perhaps it’s more like Real Steel meets Jurassic Park. However you slice it, if you can check your brain at the door, Pacific Rim is a rollicking good time, a film that’s all special effects and essentially no storyline at all. Okay, okay, there’s a storyline. Sort of. Through a deep sea rift that turns out to be a portal to another dimension (through a transdimensional connection that we humans can map…Read More