The Rich World of Hammer Horror Films

There’s nothing quite like drawing the curtains against the chilling wind, switching out all the lights and settling in to a really scary film at this time of year. Before Christmas cheer truly sets in to the nation’s psyche, a fantastic way to spend some time preparing for the holiday season is by discovering some new and forgotten horror films. If you’re fed up of the modern offerings, most of which seem to be more…Read More

Join DaveOnFilm for an epic ‘Lord of the Rings’ event!

This is pretty awesomely cool, film fans! NCM Fathom is going to be showing The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy at a bunch of theaters throughout the US for one night only on the big screen, one movie per week for three weeks, late in June. They’re going to be shown at a bunch of places, but in the interest of us all having a midpoint where we can meet and watch this…Read More