Compare and Contrast “Emma” vs. “Clueless”

As part of the Denver Film Critic Association I have apparently gotten myself into something that I might well regret: helping out a school writing class by reading and offering feedback for some young film critics. Their assignment: review and contrast the films Emma (1996) and Clueless (1995). Which means I also need to watch both these films. Yikes. My teen daughter laughed and said that Clueless is hilarious, which worries me a little bit,…Read More

Review: Skyline

Rarely do I see a film that has already garnered as much negative publicity as Skyline. Reviews have had titles like Skyline is galactically awful to Skyline: A recipe for disaster to Skyline not even good enough for cable TV and Skyline: Trapped in a Bad Movie, With No Hope of Escape. The titles are amusing, but, really, is Skyline quite that bad? Actually, no it’s not. Skyline still has fundamental flaws, a cast of…Read More