Review: The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

War is a popular cinematic theme because it amplifies the moral and ethical dilemmas we face in our daily lives. Instead of wondering whether to cut in line at Starbucks or leave a note after you ding the adjacent car in the parking lot, soldiers are forced to make life and death decisions every day. Kill or be killed, and in a battle there’s no time to parlay and discuss your family or apologize. Then there’s boot…Read More

Review: Takers

The premise of Takers couldn’t have been better tailored to my cinematic interests. A team of criminals who engineer and pull off perfect robberies, with timing down to the fraction of a second, deciding to do one last job, even as they’re suspicious of the source of the information, while an obsessive cop is hot on their trail, determined to break the case. Unfortunately, the film itself was so sloppy and riddled with clichés that…Read More