Commentary: Why Don’t Movie Heroes Use Disguises?

I’m watching the 1996 film Chain Reaction, starring a young Keanu Reeves and while it’s not too bad as an actioner, there’s a trope that appears in the film that drives me crazy. What’s worse, it happens over and over again in even otherwise decent films: the hero’s in trouble, their photo shows up on TV, and they run, propelling the story forward. And then won’t adopt even the most meager disguise. What the deuce?Read More

Review: Armored

Ever wonder what kind of guy drives an armored car full of thousands – if not millions – of dollars worth of cash, securities, checks, credit card transaction receipts, etc?  Yeah, I never did either, but that’s the environment that Armored presents us with: a bunch of edgy, tough-guy losers who somehow have ended up as employees of Eagle Shield Security. Chief tough guy is Baines (Lawrence Fishburn), whose first on-screen scene has him lovingly…Read More