Review: The Winter

Sometimes you can go home again, but sometimes even when your life seems to be at rock bottom, the family home is just a place of darkness, bad memories and evil. In the moody, atmospheric Greek horror film The Winter (Ο Χειμώνας), down-on-his-luck writer Niko Gounaras (Theo Albanis) sneaks out of his London flat and makes his way back to the abandoned family home in the sleepy Greek mountain town of Siatista. His father died…Read More

Review: Crimson Peak

There’s a cooking expression that perfectly describes the lush, beautiful but pointless Crimson Peak: “all frosting, no cake.” Written and directed by the talented Guillermo del Toro, the gothic horror film has a loose storyline set in the late 1800’s somewhere in English countryside, but it’s really more of a master class in set design than anything else. And it’s not alone in the horror genre, there are other films that seem to have put all…Read More

Review: Pacific Rim

It’s Transformers meets Godzilla. Or perhaps it’s more like Real Steel meets Jurassic Park. However you slice it, if you can check your brain at the door, Pacific Rim is a rollicking good time, a film that’s all special effects and essentially no storyline at all. Okay, okay, there’s a storyline. Sort of. Through a deep sea rift that turns out to be a portal to another dimension (through a transdimensional connection that we humans can map…Read More