Review: Suicide Squad

There’s something about misfits that seems to fit the worldview of comic book fans. Whether it’s the motley Guardians of the Galaxy, the slightly less slacker Avengers or, in this latest comic book film, Suicide Squad. Like The Expendables, Suicide Squad is made up of tough, dangerous criminals who are pulled out of an ultra-maximum security prison because the world needs ’em to combat an unspeakable evil. Created by the tough-as-nails bureaucrat Amanda Waller (Viola Davis),…Read More

Review: Divergent

Some teen-focused films turn out to be wonderful entertainment for all ages in the audience, like the extraordinary 8-film Harry Potter series and, to a lesser extent, The Hunger Games movies. Then there are films that only a teen can love, like the ghastly Twilight series. I couldn’t even finish watching the first film in that series, though, so I don’t know, they might have gotten dramatically better as the series progressed. Maybe. Divergent is…Read More

Review: I, Frankenstein

I’m tempted to say that I, Frankenstein was doomed from the get-go due to bad casting, but let me build my case before I kill the baby and toss its cinematic corpse on the pile. Really, though, who thought of pretty face Aaron Eckhart as the monster assembled from “dozens of parts from eight different corpses”? My first thought when I walked out of the theater after an afternoon 3D matinee was that I’ll never…Read More