Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Magicians are a funny lot. Awkward, often unpopular kids who found a creative channel to gain popularity and hopefully reduce the daily pummelings from the school bully. It’s tough to be a kid, and if you’re dorky young Burt (played as a child by Mason Cook) it’s a daily nightmare, sprinting home after school to unsuccessfully avoid your tormentor. When his Mom leaves him a Rance Holloway magic set for his birthday, it’s a revelation,…Read More

Review: A Christmas Carol

Having three children helps me have a good sense of what kids can handle in a movie, both in terms of imagery, pacing, storyline and overall cinematic experience. And it’s that background that lets me state unequivocally that Robert Zemeckis has completely missed the boat with this new animated A Christmas Carol and instead of creating a heartwarming film about how even the most unhappy person can be redeemed, he’s created a terrifying vision that…Read More