Review: The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

War is a popular cinematic theme because it amplifies the moral and ethical dilemmas we face in our daily lives. Instead of wondering whether to cut in line at Starbucks or leave a note after you ding the adjacent car in the parking lot, soldiers are forced to make life and death decisions every day. Kill or be killed, and in a battle there’s no time to parlay and discuss your family or apologize. Then there’s boot…Read More

Review: Seven Days in May (1964)

What if the US military couldn’t get behind a Command in Chief who supported a nuclear disarmament treaty with the Russians and instead planned a coup so that it could replace the “dove” president with its own “hawk” leader, General Scott (Burt Lancaster)? The thoughtful and disturbing film Seven Days in May, written by Fletcher Knebel, Charles Bailey II and Rod Serling, and directed by The Manchurian Candidate director John Frankenheimer explores just this scenario…Read More