16 Great Films on Amazon Prime Video

A good friend asked if I could recommend a few good films that were available through the Amazon Prime Video program, so I started digging. Now they specifically asked about whether the movies are available for downloading, a cool feature of the Prime program that’s available for some, though not all, movies you can watch through Prime Video. Unfortunately, there’s no list of movies that meet this criterion on the site so it’s up to…Read More

Review: Our Kind of Traitor

I’ve always enjoyed spy thrillers, whether they’re set in the Cold War, from back in WWII, or even a reflection modern day tensions. KGB, GRU, MI6, CIA, even Interpol vs mobsters, it’s all an invitation to adventure a la James Bond, or Jason Bourne. Or, in Our Kind of Traitor, everyman college professor Perry (Ewan McGregor), who in this sly polished John Le Carré story, is befriended by Russian expat Dima (Stellan Skarsgard) while on holiday in…Read More