Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Do superheroes get bored? Is it possible that being constantly on call to save the world every time something bad happens might get just a bit in the way of having a pleasant life, a family and a social life? That’s the central question of the terrific new Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. And I’ll make this easy: Just go see it. The story is propelled by a question that’s on a lot of…Read More

What are the best films based on TV series?

A guest article… For sheer entertainment value a movie is hard to beat, and some of the best films of recent years are inspired by popular TV series. Familiar characters and settings are given expanded plots, better effects and higher production values to create a cinematic experience with instant appeal to a ready-made audience. And with an LED TV from Argos, you can enjoy the magic of the big screen in the comfort of your…Read More