Review: Total Recall

2012 will be remembered as the summer of visually amazing science fiction tentpole movies, with the greatest example being the extraordinarily expensive but ultimately incomprehensible Prometheus. The new film Total Recall joins this parade, with production design that is so clearly inspired by the wonderful Blade Runner exteriors, with some Fifth Element car chases and Star Wars stormtroopers tossed in for good measure, that it’s a delight to watch. Better, director Len Wiseman and his…Read More

The Worst Films of 2009

2009 was a big year: I started out as a film fan who went to the theater maybe once every 2-3 weeks and otherwise lazily waited until movies made it onto the premium cable channels before I saw them. Not a lack of motivation, just a busy life. Early in 2009 I started to write a series of columns for Linux Journal on how to create a Twitter queueing system and my example subject was…Read More

Review: Whiteout

Here’s a really cool idea for a film: you’re a US Marshall working at the United States Antarctica station research facility, helping keep the peace. Like a campus cop, your primary job is dealing with drunks and minor thefts, but you’re hoping that a major crime will occur so you can remember what it is to be a “real” cop.  Now, because you’re in the coldest, most remote place on Earth, you’ve got another level…Read More